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Charlie's Angels

Charlie's Angels (2024)
Charlie's Angels
6.7 from 10 with total 1684 votes
118 minutes
When a systems engineer blows the whistle on a dangerous technology, Charlie\'s Angels from across the globe are called into action, putting their lives on the line to protect society.

Kristen Stewart character Sabina Wilson

Naomi Scott character Elena Houghlin

Ella Balinska character Jane Kano

Elizabeth Banks character Bosley

Patrick Stewart character John Bosley

Djimon Hounsou character Bosley

Sam Claflin character Brok

Jonathan Tucker character Hodak

Nat Faxon character Fleming

Chris Pang character Jonny Smith

Luis Gerardo Méndez character The Saint

Noah Centineo character Langston

Marie-Lou Sellem character Fatima Ahmed

David Schütter character Ralph

Hannah Hoekstra character Ingrid (Angel)

Murali Perumal character Pradeep Prasad

Michael Strahan character NY Bosley

Neil Malik Abdullah character LA Bosley

Nick Dong-Sik character LA Bosley

Dennenesch Zoudé character LA Bosley

Robert Clotworthy character Charlie (voice)

Jaclyn Smith character Kelly Garrett

Danica Patrick character Driving Instructor

Ronda Rousey character Fight Instructor

Laverne Cox character Bomb Instructor

Hailee Steinfeld character Angel Recruit

Chloe Kim character Angel Recruit

Lili Reinhart character Angel Recruit

Aly Raisman character Angel Recruit

Jane Chirwa character Passing Woman (Angel)

Emre Kentmenoğlu character Prince Alim Hassan

Sebastian Kroehnert character Sven Ludwig

Franz Xaver Zach character Watchmaker Schmidt

Andreas Schröders character The Accountant

Batur Belirdi character Bettor

Anna Drexler character Susan Olson

Tanem Çalbayram character Istanbul Ferry Girl

Peter Sikorski character Brok Lobby Security

Frederic Böhle character Level 4 Guard

Eric Bouwer character Ralph Guard #1

Marco Grahl character Cyclist

Livia Matthes character Model

Tessa Achtermann character Dancer

Jabar Werner character Dancer

Daria Nowak character Dancer

Kiani Del Valle character Dancer

Jakob Yaw Yeboah character Dancer

Helen Aschauer character Dancer

Huda Kattan character Angel Recruit

Hélène Cardona character German Analyst (voice)

Mara Junot character Calisto Computer (voice)

Frank Ferruccio character Detective Flynn (uncredited)

Jiana character Jane Kano (uncredited)

Onur Can Karatas character Guard (uncredited)

Robert Maaser character Big Man (uncredited)

Nathalie Nailly character Partyguest (uncredited)

Samantha Hunter Ogan character Charlie's Angels Recruit (uncredited)

Danny Pardo character Old Man in Market (uncredited)

Anouar H. Smaine character Istanbul Muezin (uncredited)

Monique StaTeena character Gate Angel (uncredited)