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Bad Boys for Life

Bad Boys for Life (2023)
Bad Boys for Life
7.3 from 10 with total 5508 votes
124 minutes
Marcus and Mike are forced to confront new threats, career changes, and midlife crises as they join the newly created elite team AMMO of the Miami police department to take down the ruthless Armando Armas, the vicious leader of a Miami drug cartel.

Will Smith character Detective Mike Lowrey

Martin Lawrence character Detective Marcus Burnett

Paola Nuñez character Rita

Vanessa Hudgens character Kelly

Alexander Ludwig character Dorn

Charles Melton character Rafe

Kate del Castillo character Isabel

Nicky Jam character Zway-Lo

Joe Pantoliano character Captain Howard

Theresa Randle character Theresa Burnett

Jacob Scipio character Armando Armas

Michael Bay character Wedding MC

DJ Khaled character Manny the Butcher

Jay Dubb character Officer Harris

Happy Anderson character Jenkins

Bianca Bethune character Megan Burnett

Dennis Greene character Reggie

Lisa Ann Hadley character Lisa Ann

Gissette E. Valentin character Mexican Female Prison Guard

Rose Bianco character Abuela

Edelia Merida character Abuela

Jasmin Lawrence character Gorgeous Door Woman

Shacai O'Neal character Gorgeous Door Woman

Carlos Guerrero character Javier

Massi Furlan character Terry Taglin

Chick Bernhard character Judge Sorenson

Jennifer Badger character Julie Weber

Jeff J.J. Authors character Felix the Forensics Guy

Keith Wheeler character Pastor at Wedding

Brandi Cohen character Receptionist

Jay Amor character Rodrigo Vargas

Yessenia Hernandez character Pool Party Waitress

Anthony Molinari character Salesman

Ivo Nandi character Carver Remy

David Shae character Disturbed Airline Passenger

Eduardo Rosario character The Butcher

Rory Markham character Booker Grassie

Brad Sanders character Police Chaplain

Damien Butler character Lt. Butler

Bilall Fallah character Fael

Norma Alvarez character Javier's Wife

Adil El Arbi character Rideshare Driver

Christina Christensen character Female Basketball Referee

Nahima Bicelis character Female Cop on Radio

Erroll Castrillo character Police Boat Cop on Radio

Kial Butler character Skipping Stunt Cop on Radio

Sharon Pfeiffer character Tour Bus Guide

Porshia C. Joseph character Wedding Singer

Ellison Kendrick character Wedding Singer

Davis Aguila character (uncredited)

Athena Akers character Poi Performer (uncredited)

Adrian De Armas character Miami Tourist (uncredited)

Laura Ault character Police Officer (uncredited)

Misty Autery character Wedding Guest (uncredited)

James William Ballard character Police Officer (uncredited)

Austin Bollinger character Police Officer (uncredited)

Mario 'Vocol' Booker character Zwaylo Boy 2 (uncredited)

Thomas Brag character Jeffrey - Cake Boy (uncredited)

Troy Brenna character Aretas Thug (uncredited)

Sergio Briones character Police Officer (uncredited)

Landon Brooks character Doctor (uncredited)

Ruben E.A. Brown character South Beach Patron (uncredited)

Lauren Buglioli character Reporter (uncredited)

Ricardo Burgos character Mall Shopper / Pedestrian (uncredited)

Matthew Byrge character High Ranking Police Officer (uncredited)

Santos Caraballo character Tommy Bahama Type (uncredited)

Matthew Carter character Club King (uncredited)

Joe Crosson character Police Officer (uncredited)

Ellen Marguerite Cullivan character Wedding Guest (uncredited)

LeBron Daniel character Mall Attendee (uncredited)

José Alfredo Fernandez character Cartel Member (uncredited)

Darin Ferraro character Spa Attendant (uncredited)

Fred Galle character Distinguished Gentleman (uncredited)

John Gettier character Detective (uncredited)

Joseph Giambrone character Tourist on Bus (uncredited)

Derrick Gilbert character Kid (uncredited)

Jenin Gonzalez character Valet Precision Driver (uncredited)

Wil Gonzalez character Cartel Member (uncredited)

Steve Heinz character High End Mall Pedestrian (uncredited)

Elvia Hill character Police Officer (uncredited)

Cal Johnson character Lyft Driver (uncredited)

Julia Kay character Mall Visitor / Pedestrian (uncredited)

Melissa Kennemore character Major Patel Miami PD (uncredited)

Tony Kim character Club Guy (uncredited)

D.L. Lewis character Pedestrian (uncredited)

Josue Louis-Charles character Beach Goer (uncredited)

Hans Marrero character Ambulance Guy #1 (uncredited)

Ryan L. Price character Police Officer (uncredited)

Diezel Ramos character Police officer (uncredited)

Scott Rapp character Detective (uncredited)

Ashae Reagan character Bikini Girl (uncredited)

Felicia M. Reyes character Mexican Prisoner (uncredited)

Manuel Rivera character Airplane Passenger (uncredited)

Luis Saldias character Clubber (uncredited)

London Seabreeze character Sexy Model (uncredited)

Pedro Tavarez Jr. character Mall Shopper (uncredited)

Robert Tinsley character Uniformed Police Officer (uncredited)

Emily Towles character Hot Miami Model (uncredited)

Joseph Velez character Detective (uncredited)

Maria Z. Wilson character Police Officer (uncredited)

Jamil C. Winston character Police Officer (uncredited)