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Mother's Day

Mother's Day (2024)
Mother's Day
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Nina, a former NATO special operations agent living in hiding, has to use all her deadly skills to rescue her son who has been kidnapped by ruthless gangsters. Finding Max is a double opportunity for her. A chance to feel the adrenaline rush again, and an opportunity to get back into the life of the son she had to abandon years ago.

Agnieszka Grochowska character Nina

Adrian Delikta character Max

Dariusz Chojnacki character Igor

Paulina Chruściel character Max's foster mother

Paweł Koślik character Max's foster father

Arkadiusz Brykalski character Agency head

Sebastian Dela character "Telescope"

Szymon Wróblewski character "Voltmeter"

Konrad Eleryk character Tytus

Jowita Budnik character Diplomat

Paweł Janyst character Diplomat's son

Dorota Kolak character Nina's mother

Jolanta Banak character Liquor store cashier

Jan Napieralski character Lad (I)

Jan Litvinovitch character Lad (II)

Michał Michalski character Lad (III)

Konrad Ostrowski character Lad (IV)

Michał Felczak character Lad (V)

Karol Czajkowski character Lad (VI)

Igor Kowalunas character Lad (VII)

Lucyna Frączek character Local girl (I)

Sandra Naum character Local girl (II)

Kamil Szeptycki character Brick agent (I)

Patryk Michalak character Brick agent (II)

Ewa Rodart character Brick agent (III)

Radosław Rożniecki character Policeman

Weronika Warchoł character Policewoman

Shivamkumar Dhangan character Courier

Ryszard Kakietek character Juvenile delinquent (I)

Jakub A. Kozieł character Juvenile delinquent (II)

Rafal Garnecki character Juvenile delinquent (III)

Kazimierz Nowak character Juvenile delinquent (IV)

Maciej Kosiacki character Juvenile delinquent (V)

Michał Burdan character Juvenile delinquent (VI)

Michał Szulejewski character Cook (I)

Łukasz Czubak character Cook (II)

Ali Bahrudinov character Gang member (I)

Masza Wągrocka character Gang member (II)

Jarosław Stachera character Gang member (III)

Laura Pajor character Gang member (IV)

Joanna Czerniak character Gang member (V)

Paweł Jusiński character Gang member (VI)

Piotr Popko character Gang member (VII)

Filip Bucki character Gang member (VIII)

Damian Majewski character Gang member (IX)

Michał Pluskota character Gang member (X)

Artur Grabowiec character Smuggler (I)

Jarosław Golec character Smuggler (II)

Leo Wilson character Taxi driver