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Midnight Cowboy

Midnight Cowboy (2024)
Midnight Cowboy
7.5 from 10 with total 766 votes
113 minutes
Joe Buck is a wide-eyed hustler from Texas hoping to score big with wealthy New York City women; he finds a companion in Enrico \"Ratso\" Rizzo, an ailing swindler with a bum leg and a quixotic fantasy of escaping to Florida.

Jon Voight character Joe Buck

Dustin Hoffman character Enrico Salvatore "Ratso" Rizzo

Sylvia Miles character Cass

John McGiver character Mr. O'Daniel

Brenda Vaccaro character Shirley

Barnard Hughes character Towny

Ruth White character Sally Buck

Jennifer Salt character Annie

Georgann Johnson character Rich Lady

Bob Balaban character The Young Student

M. Emmet Walsh character Bus Passenger

Randall Carver character Rapist in Flashback

Anthony Holland character TV Bishop

Bill Walters character St. Bernard Owner

Marlene Clark character Girl at Party

Viva character Gretel McAlbertson

Paul Benjamin character Bartender

Mary Boylan character Old Lady in Subway

Gilman Rankin character Woodsy Niles

T. Tom Marlow character Little Joe

George Eppersen character Ralph

Jan Tice character Freaked-Out Lady

Al Scott character Cafeteria Manager

Linda Davis character Mother on the Bus

Arlene Reeder character The Old Lady

Jonathan Kramer character Jackie

Arthur Anderson character Hotel Clerk

Tina Scala character Laundromat Lady

Alma Felix character Laundromat Lady

Richard Clarke character Escort Service Man

Ann Thomas character The Frantic Lady

Paul Rossilli character Hansel McAlbertson

Ultra Violet character The Party

Taylor Mead character The Party

Paul Morrissey character The Party

Paul Jabara character The Party

International Velvet character The Party

Cecelia Lipson character The Party

Joan Murphy character The Waitress

Al Stetson character Bus Driver

Pat Ast character Party Guest

Robert Dahdah character Bus Passenger

Trent Gough character Man at Lunch Counter

Barbara Maggio character Gina

Jay Morran character Pimp

Renee Semes character Hippie in Coffee Shop

Jeffrey Walker character Hippie #3

Waldo Salt character Joe Pyne on TV Show

Paul Jasmin character The Party (uncredited)