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Little Fish

Little Fish (2024)
Little Fish
7.1 from 10 with total 86 votes
101 minutes
A couple fights to hold their relationship together as a memory loss virus spreads and threatens to erase the history of their love and courtship.

Olivia Cooke character Emma

Jack O'Connell character Jude

SoKo character Samantha

Raúl Castillo character Ben

David Lennon character Tim

Mackenzie Cardwell character Cat Girl

Ross Wirtanen character Jude's Friend #1

Heather Decksheimer character Jude's Friend #2

Natalie Smith character Jude's Friend #3

Ron Robinson character Fisherman

Wyatt Cameron character Lost Fisherman

Morgana Wyllie character Marathon Runner

Monique Phillips character Woman in Sequin Dress

Paul Almeida character Screaming Man

Toby Hargrave character Frank

Albert Nicholas character Naps

Chris Shields character Mr. Johnson

Darius Willis character Mr. Johnson's Nephew

Emily Stott character Emma's Mom (voice)

Jeff Sanca character Bus Driver

Jason Simpson character Military Truck PA

Naomi King character Tattoo Artist

Sam Spear character Lottery Clinician

Malaika Jackson character Second Clinician

Maxwell Moore character Kid

Leanne Khol Young character Mother

Malcolm Boddington character Angry Man

Carmen Moore character Dr. Dormer

Jason Vaisvila character The Prophet

Barbara Patrick character Waiting Room Clinician

Sophie Lui character News Anchor

Simon Longmore character News Analyst

Joleigh Schultz character Caroline

Peter Ciuffa character Man in Crowd

Bruce Crawford character Hero Jumper

Kwesi Ameyaw character Dr. Tomlin

Lars Anderson character Bandaged Man

Bobby Stewart character Government Official

Henry Mah character Shopkeeper

Thomas Flynn character Hospital Administrator

Katerina Katelieva character Wrong Emma

Anthony Shim character Checkpoint Guard

Angela Moore character New Driver - Annie