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The Legend of Ben Hall

The Legend of Ben Hall (2023)
The Legend of Ben Hall
6.2 from 10 with total 13 votes
139 minutes
Ben Hall is drawn back into bushranging by the reappearance of his old friend John Gilbert. Reforming the gang, they soon become the most wanted men in Australian history.

Jack Martin character Ben Hall

Callan McAuliffe character Daniel Ryan

Arthur Angel character Edward Morriss

Angus Pilakui character Billy Dargin

Andy McPhee character Old Man Gordon

Fantine Banulski character Eliza Mensey

Jamie Coffa character John Gilbert

William Lee character John Dunn

PiaGrace Moon character Peggy Monks

Joanne Dobbin character Biddy Hall

Lauren Gregory character Ellen Monks

Nick Barry character Jim Taylor

John Orcsik character John Kelly

Zane Ciarma character Henry Hall

Adam Willson character Mick Coneley

Erica Field character Mary Ann Coneley

Jordan Fraser-Trumble character Sub-Inspector Davidson

Gregory Quinn character Sergeant Condell

Lauren Grimson character Christina McKinnon

Tom Beaurepaire character Inspector Sanderson

Ben Chisholm character Bill Hall

Jana Wilkes character Ann Hall

James Grim character Detective Pye

Emily Thomson character Catherine Coneley

Gerrard Woodward character Constable Nelson

Josephine Croft character Nelson's Wife

Bailey Barbour character Harry Nelson

Caleb McClure character Frederick Nelson

Micheal Resce character Constable Hipkiss

Steve Jager character Constable Bohan

Nathan Luke character Constable Buckley

Steve Sammut character Constable Caban

Mick Preston character William Gibson

Curtis Taylor character Tracker Charley

Rain Fuller character Mary Morriss

Peter Sardi character Mr Garland

Wesley Leseberg character Sergeant Edmund Parry

Mario Gori character Sub-Inspector O'Neill

Darren Holmes character Constable McLaughlin

Dean Kirkright character Constable Roche

Brenton Foale character Magistrate Rose

Kevin Summers character Tom Purcell

Dylan Lloyd character Tom Higgins

Joshua Jaeger character Mr Towny

Gavin Ingham character Thomas Kimberley

Elizabeth Farrell character Collector Girl

Cris Cochrane character Tom Byrnes

Frank Dixon character Dan Supple

Adam La Rosa character Constable Wiles

Aaran Hughes character Constable Greer

Peter Bromley character Mr Lodge

Adrian Mulraney character William Davis

Peter Richards character Mr Rafferty

Sean McIntyre character Mr McCauley

Peter Flaherty character Father McCarthy

Bobby Ruckus character Constable Byrne

Brent Albon character Constable Kelly

Brad West character William Blatcheford

Shane Savage character Constable Gracey

Wesley Holmes character Constable Hogan

David Passmore character Constable Bright

Edward East character Constable Hales

Bruce Gleeson character Henry Ludford

John Coory character Darlinghurst Hangman

Alana de Freitas character Mary's Friend

Xander Paterson character Constable Hawthorn

Ella Hill-Cotter character Davis Servant Girl #2

Edward Tresize character Thomas Jones

Matt Jones character Mr Hayes

Hayley Marlow character Binda Ball Girl

Cory Corbett character Trooper

Connor Bashford character Extra

Keiran King character Singer