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Last Night in Soho

Last Night in Soho (2024)
Last Night in Soho
7.5 from 10 with total 300 votes
117 minutes
A young girl, passionate about fashion design, is mysteriously able to enter the 1960s where she encounters her idol, a dazzling wannabe singer. But 1960s London is not what it seems, and time seems to be falling apart with shady consequences.

Thomasin McKenzie character Eloise Turner

Anya Taylor-Joy character Sandie

Matt Smith character Jack

Michael Ajao character John

Diana Rigg character Miss Collins

Terence Stamp character Silver-Haired Gentleman

Rita Tushingham character Peggy Turner

Aimée Cassettari character Eloise's Mother

Synnøve Karlsen character Jocasta

Jessie Mei Li character Lara

Kassius Nelson character Cami

Rebecca Harrod character Ashley

Michael Jibson character Detective

Lisa McGrillis character Female Detective

Andrew Bicknell character Mister Pointer

Elizabeth Berrington character Miss Tobin

Sam Claflin character Punter #5

Maud Druine character Darcy

Will Rogers character James

Oliver Phelps character Jarvis

James Phelps character Jarvis

Lee Byford character Police Officer

Will Rowlands character Rialto Gangster

Margaret Nolan character Sage Barmaid

Georgie Banks character Cafe de Paris Patron

Michael Mears character Punter #1

Tom Hartwell character Punter #2

Paul Hamilton character Punter #3

Wayne Cater character Punter #4

Sam Parks character Punter #6

Alan Ruscoe character Punter #7

Connor Calland character Drunk Bro

Paul Brightwell character Cubby

Pauline McLynn character Carol

Terence Frisch character Le patron du Rialto Club Owner

Beth Singh character Cilla Black

Jeanie Wishes character Marionetta

Jacqui-Lee Pryce character College Administrator

Celeste Dring character Shop Assistant

Al Roberts character Librarian

Colin Mace character Cab Driver #1

Derek Lea character Cab Driver #2

Nick Owenford character Cafe de Paris Guest

Alan Mahon character Le barman du Toucan

Josh Zaré character Drunk Arsehole

Adam Sopp character Toucan Drunk

Richard Corgan character Toucan Drunk's Mate

Nina Kumar character Soho Passerby

Joakim Skarli character Cafe de Paris Guest

Christopher Carrico character Additional Punter

Ian Harrod character Additional Punter

Ian Hartley character Additional Punter

Luke Hope character Additional Punter

Kent Goldfinch character Additional Punter

Daniel Maggott character Additional Punter

Richard O'Sullivan character Additional Punter

Jennifer White character Choreographer

Melissa Fox character Rialto Dancer

Jodie Hassell character Rialto Dancer

Stephanie Lamey character Rialto Dancer

Amy Andrea character Rialto Dancer

Alison Parsons character Rialto Dancer

Ashley Shaw character Rialto Dancer

Katrina Vasilieva character Burlesque Dancer (uncredited)

Lati Gbaja character Soho Passerby (uncredited)

Georgina Frances Hart character Zombie Bride / Party Goer (uncredited)

Barbara Orti character Halloween Party Goer (uncredited)

Richard Price character Rialto Punter (uncredited)

Paul Riddell character Train Passenger (uncredited)

Grace Binford Sheene character Halloween Party Guest (uncredited)

Jacob Trup character Fashion Student (uncredited)

Morgan Bull character Fashion Student (uncredited)

Craig Anthony-Kelly character Cafe De Paris punter (uncredited)

Tobi Ejirele character John's Friend (uncredited)

James Hare character Rialto Punter (uncredited)

Robert Jarvis character Rialto Musician (uncredited)

Steve Langley character Café de Paris dancer (uncredited)

Mae Lynn Rutkowski character Fashion Student (uncredited)

Louis Stannett character Flower Man (uncredited)

Mihai Tuca character Customer (uncredited)

Nevena White character Model (uncredited)

Arthur Wilde character Rilato Punter (uncredited)

Barry Wilson character Pub Customer (uncredited)