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Marceau Léonetti (Lino Ventura), a competent and energetic officer stops by chance the son of an influential lawyer driving under the influence of alcohol. A few months later, the lawyer falsely accuses Léonetti as being violent and incompetent. As a result Marceau is transferred to a small police station, where he meets young and beautiful Jeanne (Marlène Jobert). Soon they are faced with a tough investigation.

Lino Ventura character Principal Inspector Marceau Leonetti

Marlène Jobert character Jeanne Dumas, the new auxiliary

Michel Constantin character Greg, the henchman

Paul Crauchet character Jacques Loring, Martin's neighbor

Alain Mottet character Frank Lambert, Leonetti's colleague and friend

Béatrice Arnac character Silvia

Guy Heron character Soramon

Albert Dagnant character Arnold

Monique Mélinand character Mrs Loring

Marcel Pérès character Mr Lenoir

Germaine Delbat character Mrs Lenoir

Hervé Sand character Gravel

Régine Lovi character Ms Viteau, the teacher

Philippe March character Roger Martin, the missing witness

Mathilde Ceccarelli character Perverse neighbor

Pippo Merisi character Scrap dealer

Raymond Meunier character Allister

Jacques Marchand character Maniac

Frédéric Santaya character Favre, Allister's teammate

Robert Favart character School's director

Guy Kerner character Doctor

Jean Sobieski character Aden

Gilette Barbier character Grocer (uncredited)

Luc Bartholomé character Jo Raison (uncredited)

Philippe Brizard character Taxi driver (uncredited)

Michel Charrel character Raisin (uncredited)

Roger Desmare character Shoemaker (uncredited)

Max Desrau character Thouin (uncredited)

Pierre Duncan character Agent at the police station (uncredited)

Martine Ferrière character Shoemaker's wife (uncredited)

Sébastien Floche character Caretaker of the building (uncredited)

Pierre Frag character Sandwich man (uncredited)

Jacques Galland character Director of P.J. (uncredited)

Stan Krol character Kropniak (uncredited)

Jacques Leroy character Inspector (uncredited)

Sylvain Lévignac character Gregg man (uncredited)

Roger Lumont character Storage man (uncredited)

Serge Marquand character Loudmouth (uncredited)

Colette Mars character First pharmacist (uncredited)

Bernard Musson character Pharmacist (uncredited)

Émile Riandreys character Bus traveler (uncredited)

Jacques Richard character Inspector (uncredited)

César Torres character Man with the grenade (uncredited)

Dominique Zardi character Pervert (uncredited)

Suzy Hannier character (uncredited)

Rita Maiden character (uncredited)