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Les Misérables

Les Misérables (2022)
Les Misérables
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210 minutes
Victor Hugo\'s monumental novel Les Miserables has been filmed so often that sometimes it\'s hard to tell one version from another. One of the best and most faithful adaptations is this 240-minute French production, starring Jean Gabin as the beleaguered Jean Valjean. Arrested for a petty crime, Valjean spends years 20 in the brutal French penal system. Even upon his release, his trail is dogged by relentless Inspector Javert (Bernard Blier). Valjean\'s efforts to create a new life for himself despite the omnipresence of Javert is meticulously detailed in this film, which utilizes several episodes from the Hugo original that had hitherto never been dramatized. Originally released as a single film, Les Miserables was usually offered as a two parter outside of France.

Jean Gabin character Jean Valjean / Champmathieu

Danièle Delorme character Fantine

Bernard Blier character Javert (père et fils)

Béatrice Altariba character Cosette

Giani Esposito character Marius de Pontmercy

Bourvil character Thénardier

Elfriede Florin character La Thénardier

Silvia Monfort character Eponine

Serge Reggiani character Enjolras

Fernand Ledoux character Monseigneur Myriel

Madeleine Barbulée character Soeur Simplice

Martine Havet character Costte à 8 ans

Lucien Baroux character Gillenormand

Julienne Paroli character Madame Magloire

Jean Ozenne character le préfet de Montreuil

Isabelle Lobbe character Azelma

Jimmy Urbain character Gavroche

Gérard Darrieu character Feuilly

Jacques Harden character Courfeyrac

Marc Eyraud character Grantaire

Pierre Tabard character Prouvaire

Suzanne Nivette character Mademoiselle Gillenormand

Jean Murat character le colonel Pontmercy

Gerhard Bienert character le président du tribunal

René Fleur character le cardinal

Henri Guégan character Un ami de l'ABC

Luc Andrieux character Un ouvrier

Harry Hindemith character un bagnard

Bernard Musson character un bourgeois

Gabrielle Fontan character la supérieure du couvent

Paul Villé character Basque

Edmond Ardisson character Un gendarme

Christian Fourcade character Le petit ramoneur

Robert Bazil character Un commissaire

Louis Arbessier character Le préfet

Laure Paillette character La servante, rue Plumet

Jean d'Yd character Le père Mabeuf

Émile Genevois character Le cocher de l'omnibus

Jean Favre-Bertin character La 'mort'

François Darbon character le médecin

Jean Topart character Récitant / Narrator (voix)

Jacques Marin character Le messager

Werner Dissel character Brevet

Rolf Moebius character Avocat général

Werner Segtrop character Défenseur du tribunal

Nico Turoff character Chenildieu