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Big Deal on Madonna Street

Big Deal on Madonna Street (2022)
Big Deal on Madonna Street
8.2 from 10 with total 425 votes
106 minutes
Best friends Peppe and Mario are thieves, but they\'re not very good at it. Still, Peppe thinks that he\'s finally devised a master heist that will make them rich. With the help of some fellow criminals, he plans to dig a tunnel from a rented apartment to the pawnshop next door, where they can rob the safe. But his plan is far from foolproof, and the fact that no one in the group has any experience digging tunnels proves to be the least of their problems.

Vittorio Gassman character Peppe il pantera

Marcello Mastroianni character Tiberio

Renato Salvatori character Mario Angeletti

Totò character Dante Cruciani

Claudia Cardinale character Carmelina

Tiberio Murgia character Michele Ferribotte

Memmo Carotenuto character Cosimo

Carlo Pisacane character Capannelle

Carla Gravina character Nicoletta

Rossana Rory character Norma

Nino Marchetti character Luigi, l'impiegato del banco dei pegni

Gina Rovere character Teresa, wife of Tiberio

Elena Fabrizi character una delle tre "mamme" di Mario

Gina Amendola character una delle tre "mamme" di Mario

Elvira Tonelli character una delle tre "mamme" di Mario

Mario Feliciani character il commissario di polizia

Mimmo Poli character un carcerato

Mario De Simone character il ricettatore

Aldo Trifiletti character Fernando, il portiere dello stabile di Nicoletta

Gustavo Serena character il guardiano dell'orfanotrofio

Pasquale Misiano character Massimo

Renato Terra character Eladio

Ida Masetti character Gabriella

Edith Bruck character donna che litiga sotto il lucernario