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I Know Where I'm Going!

I Know Where I'm Going! (2024)
I Know Where I'm Going!
7 from 10 with total 105 votes
91 minutes
Plucky Englishwoman Joan Webster travels to the remote islands of the Scottish Hebrides in order to marry a wealthy industrialist. Trapped by inclement weather on the Isle of Mull and unable to continue to her destination, Joan finds herself charmed by the straightforward, no-nonsense islanders around her, and becomes increasingly attracted to naval officer Torquil MacNeil, who holds a secret that may change her life forever.

Wendy Hiller character Joan Webster

Roger Livesey character Torquil MacNeil

Pamela Brown character Catriona

Finlay Currie character Ruairidh Mhór

George Carney character Mr. Webster

Nancy Price character Mrs. Crozier

Catherine Lacey character Mrs. Robinson

Jean Cadell character Postmistress

John Laurie character John Campbell

Valentine Dyall character Mr. Robinson

Norman Shelley character Sir Robert Bellinger

Margot Fitzsimons character Bridie

Murdo Morrison character Kenny

Walter Hudd character Hunter

Petula Clark character Cheril

Anthony Eustrel character Hooper

Alec Faversham character Martin

Arthur Chesney character Harmonica Player

Duncan MacKechnie character Capt. 'Lochinvar'

Ian Sadler character Iain

C.W.R. Knight character Col. Barnstaple

Donald Strachan character Shepherd

John Rae character Old Shepherd

Duncan McIntyre character His Son

Ivy Milton character Peigi

Herbert Lomas character Mr. Campbell

Kitty Kirwan character Mrs. Campbell

Graham Moffatt character R.A.F. Sergeant

Boyd Steven character Singer in the Céilidh

Maxwell Kennedy character Singer in the Céilidh

Jean Houston character Singer in the Céilidh

Mr. Ramshaw character Torquil - the Eagle