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Hundra (2024)
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Born in a tribe of fierce warrior women, Hundra has been raised to despise the influence of men. An archer, fighter and sword fighter, Hundra is superior to any male. Hundra finds her family slain and takes a vow of revenge until one day she meets her match.

Laurene Landon character Hundra

Jahangir Ghaffari character Nepakin (as John Ghaffari)

María Casal character Tracima

Luis Lorenzo character Rothrar

Tamara character Chrysula

Victor Gans character Landrazza

Cristina Torres character Shandrom

Bettina Brenner character Hundra's Mother

María Vico character Midwife

Fernando Bilbao character Torente

Jorge Bosso character Gordoza

Elena Segovia character Young Girl

Ramiro Oliveros character Pateray

Fernando Martínez character Cave People Chief

Lola Peno character Torente Wife

Julia Castellanos character Torente Wife 2

Elsa Zabala character Tribal Woman

Mario De Barros character Priest 1

Adolfo Heredia character Priest 2

Larri character Beast

Alicia Fernández Cavada character Hundra Villager

Arrate Zubizarreta character Hundra Villager

Conchita De Grado character Hundra Villager

Maria Luisa Crespo character Hundra Villager

Azucena Hernández character Hundra Villager

Eva Lyberten character Hundra Villager

Sally O'Neill character Hundra Villager

Ana Gervasone character Hundra Villager

Elke Stolzemberg character Hundra Villager

Margarita Herrera character Temple Girl

Juana Gracia character Temple Girl

Pat Izquierdo character Temple Girl

Catherine Basseti character Temple Girl (as Catherine Bassetti)

Paola Matos character Temple Girl

Berenguela Parres character Temple Girl

María Jésus Visedo character Temple Girl

Roxane Kingsley character Temple Girl

Devora Howle character Temple Girl

Angel Garcia character Temple Girl

Pedro Fournier character Chieftain

Frank Braña character Chieftain

Eduardo Fajardo character Chieftain

Alito Rodgers character Chieftain (as Alito Rogers jr.)

Román Ariznavarreta character Chieftain (as Román Ariznabarreta)

Kunio Kobayashi character Chieftain

Guillermo Antón character Chieftain

John F. Goff character Would-be back alley rapist (uncredited)

Hilda Fuchs character Mother of Girl