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Holmes & Watson

Holmes & Watson (2021)
Holmes & Watson
4.4 from 10 with total 468 votes
90 minutes
Detective Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson join forces to investigate a murder at Buckingham Palace. They soon learn that they have only four days to solve the case, or the queen will become the next victim.

Will Ferrell character Sherlock Holmes

John C. Reilly character Dr. John Watson

Rebecca Hall character Dr. Grace Hart

Ralph Fiennes character Prof. James Moriarty

Hugh Laurie character Mycroft Holmes

Kelly Macdonald character Mrs. Hudson

Steve Coogan character Gustav

Pam Ferris character Queen Victoria

Rob Brydon character Inspector Lestrade

Lauren Lapkus character Millie

Noah Jupe character Doxy

Bella Ramsey character Flotsam

Adam Scherr character Wrestler

Michael Culkin character Judge Over

Kieran O'Brien character PC Smalls

Jordan Long character Herbert

Jorge Leon Martinez character British Soldier

Billy Jenkins character Mudfog

Gerard Monaco character Officer

Scarlet Grace character Pickle

James Eeles character Manager Mr. Petrucka

Karl Farrer character Russian Merchant

Shawn Dixon character Upper Class Gentleman #1

Lindy Barrett character School Girl

Oliver Maltman character Telegraph Operator

Jason Thorpe character Butler

Martin Bassindale character One Man Band

Wolf Roth character Sigmund Freud

Ethan Rouse character Newsreader

Paddy Holland character Tough Kid

Willem Dalby character Newsie Man

Amelia O'Loughlin character White Star-Line Girl (uncredited)

Deepak Anand character Nobleman

Sonnyboy Skelton character Doxy's Dad

Hector Bateman-Harden character Young Sherlock Holmes

Paul T.T. Easter character John

Daniel Fearn character The Drooling Man

Phil Hodges character Mr. Algernon Barkworth

Paul Cassidy character Charlie Chaplin

Laura Stevely character Sherlock's Mother

John Kinory character Instructing Solicitor (uncredited)

Joseph Macnab character Fitness Instructor (uncredited)

Russell Wilcox character The Announcer

Craig Thomas Lambert character Yeoman of the guard

Lochlan White character Newsie Kid - Timmy

Riley White character Newsie Kid - Jimmy

Benjamin Lok character Courtroom Person 3

Jamie Baughan character Titanic Captain

Sara Beasley character Mrs. Frobisher

Henrihs Ahmadejevs character Drunk

David Handley character Executioner

Martyn Mayger character Buckingham Palace Guest

Codie-Lei Eastick character Young Watson

Anthony Richard Rowe character Victorian Gentleman

Samantha Sharon Watson character Elizabeth - Lady of the Night

David Shackleton character Albert Einstein

Matthew Di Liello character Telly-Phone Assistant

David Stoller character Guard (Southampton)

Colby Mulgrew character Haybag

Darren Lake character Disorientated Man

Mick Slaney character Docker (uncredited)

Wesley Kent-Hargreaves character The Weird Child

Ellie Rose Eames character Newschild

Stanley Eldridge character Waiter 2

Lilly Aspell character Urchin (uncredited)

Nick Davison character Upper Class Gentleman (uncredited)

Hugh O'Brien character Garden Party Guest (uncredited)

Andrew G. Ogleby character Lower Class Citizen (uncredited)

Richard Price character Grenadier Guard (uncredited)

Richard Price character Newsboy (uncredited)

Pete Freerunner Simpson character Police Officer (uncredited)

Bronson Webb character Jonathan Nightingale

Billy Zane character Himself

Michael Buffer character Fight Fan #1

Layla Rose Boyce character Nicotine Stains / Nancy

Sadie Newman character Jane

Harry Baxendale character Seamus

Ella Bright character Bridgette

Kenneth Hadley character Headmaster

Paul Bigley character Teacher #1

Sue Maund character Teacher #2

Tommy Surridge character Inky Hands

Billy Jenkins character Mud Fog

Jana PĂ©rez character Lestrade's Wife

Nathan Osgood character Mark Twain

Jamie-Rose Monk character Mrs. Nightingale

Robert Cawsey character Waiter

Jack Riley character Newschild

Helen Duff character Titanic Guest

Jess Liaudin character Hangman

Martin Bishop character Priest

Bruce Buffer character Fight Fan #2

Patrick Holland character Tough Kid

Ben Lee character Houdini