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The Predator

The Predator (2022)
The Predator
5.5 from 10 with total 3080 votes
107 minutes
When a kid accidentally triggers the universe\'s most lethal hunters\' return to Earth, only a ragtag crew of ex-soldiers and a disgruntled female scientist can prevent the end of the human race.

Boyd Holbrook character Quinn McKenna

Olivia Munn character Casey Bracket

Keegan-Michael Key character Coyle

Thomas Jane character Braxley

Sterling K. Brown character Traeger

Alfie Allen character Lynch

Trevante Rhodes character Nebraska Williams

Jake Busey character Keyes

Jacob Tremblay character Rory McKenna

Augusto Aguilera character Nettles

Yvonne Strahovski character Emily

Brian A. Prince character Predator

Mike Dopud character Dupree

Niall Matter character Sapir

Javier Lacroix character Cantina Bartender

Gabriel LaBelle character EJ

Nikolas Dukic character Derek

R. J. Fetherstonhaugh character Agent Church

James S. Salisbury character Helicopter Pilot

Garry Chalk character Postal Worker

Duncan Fraser character VA Psych

Emy Aneke character Merc Soldier

Darryl Scheelar character Bus MP #1

Fraser Aitcheson character Bus MP #2

Eduard Witzke character Security Tech

Jan Bos character Tech Hamlin

Lochlyn Munro character LT. General Marks

Fran├žoise Yip character Tracking Supervisor

Rhys Williams character F-22 Pilot #1

Malcolm Masters character F-22 Pilot #2

Harrison MacDonald character F-22 Pilot #3

Sage Brocklebank character Transport Driver

Coulton Jackson character Merc on the Road

Sean O. Roberts character Stoner

Colin Corrigan character Emily's House Merc

Anousha Alamian character Cryptographer

Ryan Scramstad character Guard with Rory

Patrick Sabongui character Barn Merc #1

J. C. Williams character Barn Merc #2

Sean Kohnke character Barn Merc #3

Juan Pacheco character Translator (voice)

Lars Grant character Merc #1

Byron Brisco character Merc #2

Fraser Corbett character Merc #3

Chad Bellamy character Merc #4

Peter Shinkoda character Dr. Yamada

Aaron Craven character Scientist