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Herbie Rides Again

Herbie Rides Again (2024)
Herbie Rides Again
6.1 from 10 with total 326 votes
88 minutes
The living Volkswagen Beetle helps an old lady protect her home from a corrupt developer.

Helen Hayes character Mrs. Steinmetz

Ken Berry character Willoughby Whitfield

Stefanie Powers character Nicole Harris

John McIntire character Mr. Judson

Keenan Wynn character Alonzo P Hawk

Chuck McCann character Loostgarten

Huntz Hall character Judge

Ivor Barry character Chauffeur

Dan Tobin character Lawyer

Vito Scotti character Taxi Driver

Raymond Bailey character Lawyer

Liam Dunn character Doctor

Elaine Devry character Secretary

Richard X. Slattery character Traffic Commissioner

Hank Jones character Sir Lancelot

Rod McCary character Red Knight

Don Pedro Colley character Barnstorff

Larry J. Blake character Police Officer

Iggie Wolfington character Lawyer - Second Team

Jack Manning character Lawyer - First Team

Hal Baylor character Demolition Truck Driver

Herb Vigran character Window Washer

Edward Ashley character Announcer at Chicken Race

Norman Grabowski character Security Guard #2

Irwin Charone character Lawyer - Second Team

Gail Bonney character Rich Woman in Mansion

Burt Mustin character Rich Man in Mansion

John Myhers character Announcer at San Francisco's Office of the President

John Stephenson character Lawyer - Second Team

Robert Carson character Lawyer - First Team

Arthur Space character Beach Caretaker

John Hubbard character Angry Chauffeur

Fritz Feld character Maitre d'

Alvy Moore character Angry Taxi Driver

Karl Lukas character Angry Construction Worker

Paul Micale character Fisherman's Wharf Waiter

John Zaremba character Lawyer - First Team

Alan Carney character Judge with Cigar at Chicken Run

Ken Sansom character Lawyer - First Team

Maurice Marsac character French Waiter

David Mooney character Young Man Surfing (uncredited)

Frank Baker character Man at Building Presentation (uncredited)

Alex Ball character Man at Building Presentation (uncredited)

Spencer Chan character Man at Building Presentation (uncredited)

Dorothy Konrad character Angry Woman in Crowd (uncredited)

Joseph V. Perry character First Cab Driver (uncredited)

Lomax Study character Waiter with Cake (uncredited)