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The Survivor

The Survivor (2024)
The Survivor
7.3 from 10 with total 104 votes
129 minutes
Harry Haft is a boxer who fought fellow prisoners in the concentration camps to survive. Haunted by the memories and his guilt, he attempts to use high-profile fights against boxing legends like Rocky Marciano as a way to find his first love again.

Ben Foster character Harry Haft

Billy Magnussen character Schneider

Vicky Krieps character Miriam Wofsoniker

Peter Sarsgaard character Emory Anderson

Saro Emirze character Peretz Haft

Danny DeVito character Charley Goldman

John Leguizamo character Bill "Pepe" Miller

Dar Zuzovsky character Leah Krichinsky

Laurent Papot character Jean

Paul Bates character Louis Barclay

Svetlana Kundish character Rushka Rinsky

Sonya Cullingford character Else

Michael Epp character SS Kuttner

Erik Contzius character Cantor

Kingston Vernes character Alan Haft

Sophie Knapp character Helene Haft

Zachary Golinger character Marty Haft

Charles Brice character Coley Wallace

Scott Alexander Young character Referee (Big Fight)

John Guerrasio character Frankie Carbo

Pablo Raybould character Blinky Palermo

Amalina Ace character Sarah Lieberman

Bálint Magyar character Josef Mengele

Márk Szekulesz character Barman

Aaron Serotsky character Michael Lieberman

Miklós Kapácsy character Doctor

Andrew Hefler character Clerk

Kristóf Widder character SS Guard #1

Patrick McCullough character Weighmaster

Peter Linka character Ring Announcer

Hans Peterson character Lead Guard

Katia Bokor character Ronit

Stephen Saracco character Referee

Björn Freiberg character Referee

Nikos Brisco character Carnival Barker

Alan Jouban character Roland LaStarza

Adam Zambryzcki character Boxing Prisoner #1

András Kovács character French Heavyweight

Gábor Czap character Boxing Prisoner #2

Anthony Molinari character Rocky Marciano

Erdei Zsolt character La Starza's Trainer