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Guadalupe: A Living Image

Guadalupe: A Living Image (2022)
Guadalupe: A Living Image
December 1531, Mexico. The Virgin Mary appears to Juan Diego, a humble Indian peasant, but at first, no one believes him. On the Virgin\'s request the Indian peasant wraps some Castilian roses in his cloak, or tilma. The roses had mysteriously bloomed on the barren rock at his feet. Juan Diego is given an audience with his Bishop to tell his amazing story, and when he meets the Bishop he opens his cloak to a miraculous scene: the image of the Virgin is impressed upon it. The image is extraordinarily real. Centuries later, the results of scientific analysis are amazing. In the Virgin\'s eyes the thirteen figures who witnessed the miracle are visible. The stars on her cloak are positioned exactly as they were in the skies on the day of miracle, December 12, 1531. No painting technique known to man was used to imprint the image on Juan Diego\'s tilma. The colors are vibrant and intact; the cloth itself, uncorrupted by time. (Released 2010)