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The Sting

The Sting (2024)
The Sting
8.1 from 10 with total 1522 votes
129 minutes
Set in the 1930s this intricate caper deals with an ambitious small-time crook and a veteran con man who seek revenge on a vicious crime lord who murdered one of their gang.

Paul Newman character Henry Gondorff

Robert Redford character Johnny Hooker

Robert Shaw character Doyle Lonnegan

Charles Durning character Lt. Wm. Snyder

Ray Walston character J.J. Singleton

Eileen Brennan character Billie

Harold Gould character Kid Twist

John Heffernan character Eddie Niles

Dana Elcar character F.B.I. Agent Polk

Jack Kehoe character Erie Kid

Dimitra Arliss character Loretta

Robert Earl Jones character Luther Coleman

James Sloyan character Mottola

Charles Dierkop character Floyd (Bodyguard)

Lee Paul character Bodyguard

Sally Kirkland character Crystal

Avon Long character Benny Garfield

Arch Johnson character Combs

Ed Bakey character Granger

Brad Sullivan character Cole

John Quade character Riley

Larry D. Mann character Train Conductor

Leonard Barr character Burlesque House Comedian

Paulene Myers character Alva Coleman

Joe Tornatore character Black Gloved Gunman

Jack Collins character Duke Boudreau

Tom Spratley character Curly Jackson

Kenneth O'Brien character Greer

Ken Sansom character Western Union Executive

Ta-Tanisha character Louise Coleman

William Benedict character Roulette Dealer

Robert Brubaker character Bill Clayton from Pittsburgh (uncredited)

Kathleen Freeman character Kid Twist's Wife (uncredited)

Susan French character Landlady (uncredited)

Bruce Kimball character Lacey the Bouncer (uncredited)

Alexander Lockwood character Landlord (uncredited)

Chuck Morrell character FBI Agent Chuck (uncredited)

Byron Morrow character Mr. Jameson from Chicago (uncredited)

Pearl Shear character Lady in Phone Booth (uncredited)

Arthur Tovey character Bank Officer (uncredited)

Guy Way character Gambling Den Boss (uncredited)