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Western Union

Western Union (2022)
Western Union
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95 minutes
When Edward Creighton leads the construction of the Western Union to unite East with West, he hires a Western reformed outlaw and a tenderfoot Eastern surveyor.

Robert Young character Richard Blake

Randolph Scott character Vance Shaw

Dean Jagger character Edward Creighton

Virginia Gilmore character Sue Creighton

John Carradine character Doc Murdoch

Chill Wills character Homer Kettle

Slim Summerville character Herman, called "Cookie"

Barton MacLane character Jack Slade

Russell Hicks character Provisional Governor

Victor Kilian character Charlie

Minor Watson character Pat Grogan

George Chandler character Herb

Chief John Big Tree character Chief Spotted Horse

Chief Thundercloud character Indian Leader

Dick Rich character Porky

Addison Richards character Captain Harlow

Irving Bacon character Barber

C.E. Anderson character Old Timer

Arthur Aylesworth character Woody

Bill Beauman character Minor Role

Hank Bell character Telegraph Worker

Esther Brodelet character Dancer

Paul E. Burns character Stagecoach Depot Master

Clarence Chorre character Indian

Sonny Chorre character Indian

Bob Clark character Telegraph Worker

Cliff Clark character Sheriff

Russ Clark character Businessman

Tommy Coats character Henchman

Iron Eyes Cody character Indian Who Drinks Chemical Solution

J.W. Cody character Indian

Bahe Denetdeel character Indian

Earl Dobbins character Telegraph Worker

Larry Dods character Posse Rider

Ralph Dunn character Work Seeker

Frank Ellis character Camp Defender

John Epper character Indian

James Flavin character Deputy Sheriff

Francis Ford character Eastbound Stagecoach Driver

Tom B. Forman character Posse Rider

Jack Henry Fritz character Minor Role

Boone Hazlett character Indian

Reed Howes character Slade Henchman #2

Sid Jordan character Posse Rider

Cecil Kellogg character Henchman

Tom London character Slade Henchman #3

Harold A. Malendez character Minor Role

Kermit Maynard character Posse Rider

Frank McGrath character Posse Rider

Charles Middleton character Stagecoach Rider

Lucille Miller character Dancer

Frank Mills character Work Seeker

Joe Molina character Indian

Merlyn Nelson character Posse Rider

Herman Nowlin character Posse Rider

Steve O'Brien character Office Boy

George Plues character Stagecoach Driver

Clint Sharp character Henchman

Jay Silverheels character Indian

Joe P. Smith character Indian

James P. Spencer character Indian

Harry Strang character Henchman

Tony Urchel character Indian

Eddy Waller character Stagecoach Driver #1

Ed Warren character Henchman

Blackie Whiteford character Posse Rider