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The Seventh Victim

The Seventh Victim (2022)
The Seventh Victim
6.6 from 10 with total 66 votes
71 minutes
A young woman searches for her missing sister who, unknown to her, has become involved with a group of Satan worshippers in Greenwich Village.

Kim Hunter character Mary Gibson

Tom Conway character Dr. Louis Judd

Jean Brooks character Jacqueline Gibson

Hugh Beaumont character Gregory Ward

Erford Gage character Jason Hoag

Isabel Jewell character Frances Fallon

Evelyn Brent character Natalie Cortez

Ben Bard character Mr. Brun

Chef Milani character Giacomo Romari

Marguerita Sylva character Bella Romari

Elizabeth Russell character Mimi (Uncredited)

Milton Kibbee character Joseph (Uncredited)

Lou Lubin character Irving August (Uncredited)

Eve March character Mildred Gilchrist (Uncredited)

Mary Newton character Esther Redi (Uncredited)

Cyril Ring character Devil Worshipper (Uncredited)

Joan Barclay character Gladys (Uncredited)

Wally Brown character Durk (Uncredited)

Feodor Chaliapin Jr. character Leo (Uncredited)

Wheaton Chambers character Missing Girl's Father (Uncredited)

James Conaty character Party Guest (Uncredited)

Kernan Cripps character Police Officer Danny (Uncredited)

Richard Davies character Detective (Uncredited)

Dan Dowling character Restaurant Patron (Uncredited)

Lorna Dunn character Mother (Uncredited)

Edythe Elliott character Mrs. Swift (Uncredited)

Bud Geary character Police Sergeant (Uncredited)

Barbara Hale character Subway Passenger (Uncredited)

William Halligan character Paul Radeaux (Uncredited)

Henry Hebert character Devil Worshiper (Uncredited)

Lloyd Ingraham character La Sagesse Watchman (Uncredited)

Tiny Jones character News Vendor (Uncredited)

Adia Kuznetzoff character Thespian (Uncredited)

Howard M. Mitchell character Police Officer (Uncredited)

Marianne Mosner character Miss Rowan (Uncredited)

Patsy Nash character Nancy (Uncredited)

Ottola Nesmith character Mrs. Loughwood (Uncredited)

Eileen O'Malley character Mother (Uncredited)

Charles Phillips character Police Officer (Uncredited)

Betty Roadman character Mrs. Wheeler (Uncredited)

Dewey Robinson character Subway Conductor (Uncredited)

Sarah Selby character Miss Gottschalk (Uncredited)

Jamesson Shade character Swenson (Uncredited)

Ann Summers character Miss Summers (Uncredited)