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The King's Man

The King's Man (2024)
The King's Man
6.9 from 10 with total 2937 votes
131 minutes
As a collection of history\'s worst tyrants and criminal masterminds gather to plot a war to wipe out millions, one man must race against time to stop them.

Ralph Fiennes character Orlando Oxford

Harris Dickinson character Conrad Oxford

Gemma Arterton character Polly

Rhys Ifans character Grigori Rasputin

Djimon Hounsou character Shola

Matthew Goode character Morton

Tom Hollander character King George / Kaiser Wilhelm / Tsar Nicholas

Daniel Brühl character Erik Jan Hanussen

Charles Dance character Kitchener

Aaron Taylor-Johnson character Archie Reid

Stanley Tucci character United States Ambassador

Robert Aramayo character Sergeant Major Atkins

Ross Anderson character Corporal Johnstone

Alexandra Maria Lara character Emily Oxford

Neil Jackson character Captain Forrest

Alison Steadman character Rita

Martin Razpopov character Sarajevo Prison Warden

Olivier Richters character Huge Machinery Shack Guard

Branka Katić character Tsarina Alix

Maja Simonsen character Pretty Girl

Stevee Davies character Young Codebreaker

Connor Calland character British Soldier #4

Alexander Shaw character Young Conrad

Bevan Viljoen character Boer Sniper

Shaun Scott character Kingsman Tailor #1

Andrew Bridgmont character Kingsman Tailor #2

Rosie Goddard character Grand Duchess Anastasia

Valerie Pachner character Mata Hari

Joel Basman character Gavrilo Princip

Todd Boyce character Dupont

Ron Cook character Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria

Barbara Drennan character Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg

August Diehl character Vladimir Lenin

Nigel Lister character Arthur Zimmermann

Ian Kelly character President Woodrow Wilson

David Calvitto character Vice President

Emun Elliott character Sergeant Major

David Kross character Moustached Man

Katarina Martin character Housekeeper (uncredited)

Kya Garwood character Maid (uncredited)

Constantine Gregory character Mayor of Sarajevo (uncredited)

Hal Fowler character Russian General (uncredited)

Renars Latkovskis character Shepherd (uncredited)

Jack Cunningham-Nuttall character Bath Boy (uncredited)

Albert Giannitelli character Dead Body (uncredited)

Chloé Booyens character Soldier (uncredited)

Dora Davis character Grand Duchess Maria

Pippa Winslow character United States Embassy Secretary

Dolores Carbonari character Pub Girl #2

Amy Leeson character Pub Girl #1

Will Pattle character Kings Liverpool Soldier #3

Felix Mosse character Kings Liverpool Soldier #2

Remus Brooks character Kings Liverpool Soldier #1

Timothy Blore character German Soldier #1

Timon Staehler character Storm Trooper

Cory Stuckey character Black Watch Soldier #3

Gwithian Evans character Black Watch Soldier #2

Ben Ayers character Black Watch Soldier #1

Cassidy Little character British Spy

James Backway character Soldier

Alexander Cobb character British Officer

Simon Connolly character White House Butler

Ian Porter character General

Hal Hillman character Sandhurst Cadet

Tim Bruce character Sandhurst Chaplain

Stefan Schiffer character Ludendorff Butler

Kristian Wanzl Nekrasov character General Ludendorff

Russell Balogh character Sandhurst PT

Ed Cooper Clarke character Admiralty Military Intel Officer

Nigel Pilkington character German Foreign Office Worker #2

Daniel Vernan character German Foreign Office Worker #1

Andrey Andreev character Yusupov Guest #4

Nina Novich character Yusupov Guest #3

Fiz Marcus character Yusupov Guest #2

Alyona Kazarova character Yusupov Guest #1

Ronja Haugholt character Russian Prostitute #2

Vår Haugholt character Russian Prostitute #1

Gabriel Constantin character Russian Master of Ceremonies

Gabriela Całun character Russian Maid

Aaron Vodovoz character Felix Yusupov

James Musgrave character Lieutenant

Thomas Mahy character British Soldier #3

Jed O'Hagan character British Soldier #2

Angus Castle-Doughty character British Soldier

Molly McGeachin character Grand Duchess Tatiana

Lucia Jade Barker character Grand Duchess Olga

Alexander Shefler character Tsarevich Alexei

Alexa Povah character Queen Victoria

George Gooderham character Young Tsar Nicholas

Emil Oksanen character Young Kaiser Wilhelm

Max Count character Young King George

Benedick Blythe character Saravejo General

Andy Cheung character Shepherd's Flock Member #6

Terence Anderson character Shepherd's Flock Member #5

Thorston Manderlay character Shepherd's Flock Member #4

Takako Akashi character Shepherd's Flock Member #3

Richard Stephenson Winter character Shepherd's Flock Member #2

Shaun McKee character Camp Guard #1

Peter York character Camp Guard #2