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The Baron of the Locks

The Baron of the Locks (2024)
The Baron of the Locks
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90 minutes
The lucky Baron wins a boat in a card game and takes off with his former lover to find new adventures. Adverse circumstances land them in a small town, where the Baron\'s seafaring companion leaves for more attractive scenery offered by a wealthy local man. Meanwhile, there is a certain charming cafe owner that the Baron finds irresistible -- at least for awhile.

Jean Gabin character Baron Jérôme Napoléon Antoine

Micheline Presle character Perle Germain-Joubert

Jacques Castelot character Marquis François-Marie de Villamayor

Jean Desailly character Mr. Maurice Montbernon

Blanchette Brunoy character Maria Vilandier, innkeeper

Aimée Mortimer character Gaby Bonnetang

Jean Constantin character Prince Héliakim Sadokkan

Robert Dalban character Guillaume, manager of the flying club

Jacques Hilling character Casino supervisor

Pierre-Louis character Georges, barman

Alexandre Rignault character Firmin, lock keeper

Dominique Boschero character Saddokan's new friend

Charles Bouillaud character Émile, casino employee

Émile Genevois character Guest of the hostel

Gabriel Gobin character Valentin, hostel player

Georges Lycan character Sailor of the yacht

Cécyl Marcyl character Old lady of the first flight

Albert Michel character Guest of the hostel

Raphaël Patorni character Reception manager of the Deauville hotel

Jimmy Perrys character Mr. Camille, restaurateur

Olga Valéry character Pénélope, marquis's wife

Louis Seigner character Léon Duval, horse owner

Jean-Pierre Jaubert character Paulo

Bruno Balp character Marcel, mechanic of the flying club (uncredited)

Robert Balpo character Guest of the hostel (uncredited)

Florence Brière character Receiver of Posts (uncredited)

Louis Bugette character Saddokan's advisor (uncredited)

Henri Coutet character Peasant (uncredited)

Édouard Francomme character Guest of the hostel (uncredited)

Corrado Guarducci character Player (uncredited)

Henri Guégan character Belgian sailor (uncredited)

René Hell character Guest of the hostel (uncredited)

Robert le Béal character Golf player (uncredited)

Charles Lemontier character Casino employee (uncredited)

Dominique Marcas character Woman in the airfield (uncredited)

Bernard Musson character Bailiff at the casino (uncredited)

Louisette Rousseau character Lock keeper's wife (uncredited)

Yvon Sarray character Guest of the hostel (uncredited)

Geymond Vital character La Ramée (uncredited)

Jean-Pierre Zola character Player at the casino (uncredited)

Gilette Barbier character Client of the Café de la Marine (uncredited)