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Some Time Later

Some Time Later (2023)
Some Time Later
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95 minutes
Planet Earth, 9177. The remains of humankind live in a post-apocalyptic environment divided into only two social classes: the ruling king and the oligarchs who inhabit the Representative Building and the poor of the world who hardly survive in the slums built around it. (Sequel to “Dawn Breaks, Which Is No Small Thing,” 1989.)

Roberto Álamo character José María

Blanca Suárez character Mendéz

Iñaki Ardanaz character Florián

Carlos Areces character Eufemiano

María Ballesteros character Sor Sacramento

Javier Bódalo character Ángel Luis

Andreu Buenafuente character Zumalacaguerri

María Caballero character Isabel

Nerea Camacho character Margarita

Martín Caparrós character Zalduendo

Raúl Cimas character Pozueco

Antonio de la Torre character Padre Miñarro

Secun de la Rosa character Pastrana

Estefanía de los Santos character Mujer del alcalde

Gabino Diego character Rey

Saturnino García character Pastor

Fernando González character Pacheco

Eva Hache character Sara Gutemberg

Miguel Herrán character Ray

Chaki Medina character Perico

Pepe Ocio character Fray Vicente

Joan Pera character Don Faustino

Luis Pérezagua character Victoriano

Daniel Pérez Prada character Morris

Miguel Rellán character Don Antonio

Joaquín Reyes character Arriondas

Berto Romero character Agustín

César Saratxu character Galbarriato

Manolo Solo character Alcalde

Arturo Valls character Justo

Soleá Morente character Flamenca

Tomasito character Flamenco 1

Víctor Iniesta character Flamenco 2

Elisa Belmonte character Cantante Ópera

Luis Bondia character Birrioso

Fernando Cornejo character Capitán

Elena Coronel character Chica Juventud Rebelde

Ricardo del Castillo character Sudamericano 1

Lina Forero character Pepita

Luis G. Gámez character Anselmo

Henry Iza character Sudamericano 2

Nacho López character Cliente barbería

Rafael Moreno character Gitanillo

Nacho Redondo character Recién Llegado

Daniel Romero character El Del Fandango

Silvia Vacas character Chica Piscina

Marcos Zan character Li

Carolina Bang character Mujer indignada