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The Traces Remain

The Traces Remain (2024)
The Traces Remain
100 minutes
This is a typical story from the \'cold war\' era. A group of kids play on a quiet street in Sofia. From a nearby window falls a key. The helpful youngsters quickly return it to the owner, but in the haste switch the keys. The unintentional error disentangles a whole spy story. The young detectives doubt the good intentions of the man they tried to help. It turns out that the key is from a secret apartment where saboteurs are hiding. The secret network is exposed to the authorities and the kids feel like heroes.

Stefan Danailov character Veselin

Vera Dragostinova character Yuliya

Krasimir Medarev character Pesho

Georgi Naumov character Charli

Valentin Vasilev character Bebo

Miki Cherneva character Zhivka

Marko Sambiozi character Italiancheto

Grisha Boyadzhiev character Doncho

Sasho Aleksandrov character Chervenokosiya

Lyubomir Kirilov character Colonel Filipov

Ivan Komitov character Captain Naumov

Nikolay Uzunov character Toromanov

Tanya Ikonomova character Toromanova

Gancho Ganchev character Chief of saboteurs

Pencho Petrov character Saboteur radio operator

Mihail Kotzev character Saboteur

Nikola Karadzhov character Driver of saboteurs

Zhelcho Mandadjiev character Pesho's father

Penka Mandadjieva character Pesho's mother

Andrey Chaprazov character Julia's father

Valentina Borisova character Yuliya's mother

Boris Sarafov character Bebo's father

Lili Popivanova character Bebo's mother

Lyubomir Bobchevski character Dentist

Gerasim Mladenov character Bai Lambi

Stefan Petrov character Director of the mine