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Robin and the 7 Hoods

Robin and the 7 Hoods (2023)
Robin and the 7 Hoods
6.3 from 10 with total 40 votes
123 minutes
In prohibition-era Chicago, the corrupt sheriff and Guy Gisborne, a south-side racketeer, knock off the boss Big Jim. Everyone falls in line behind Guy except Robbo, who controls the north side. Although he\'s out-gunned, Robbo wants to keep his own territory. A pool-playing dude from Indiana and the director of a boys\' orphanage join forces with Robbo; and, when he gives some money to the orphanage, he becomes the toast of the town as a hood like Robin Hood. Meanwhile, Guy schemes to get rid of Robbo, and Big Jim\'s heretofore unknown daughter Marian appears and goes from man to man trying to find an ally in her quest to run the whole show. Can Robbo hold things together?

Frank Sinatra character Robbo

Dean Martin character Little John

Sammy Davis Jr. character Will

Bing Crosby character Allen A. Dale

Peter Falk character Guy Gisborne

Barbara Rush character Marian

Victor Buono character Deputy Sheriff Alvin Potts

Hank Henry character Six Seconds

Robert Foulk character Sheriff Octavius Glick

Allen Jenkins character Vermin Witowski

Jack La Rue character Tomatoes

Robert Carricart character Blue Jaw

Joseph Ruskin character Twitch

Phil Arnold character Hatrack

Harry Swoger character Soupmeat

Bernard Fein character Charlie Bananas

Richard Bakalyan character Robbo's Hood

Sonny King character Robbo's Hood

Phillip Crosby character Robbo's Hood (as Phil Crosby)

Al Silvani character Robbo's Hood

Harry Wilson character Gisborne's Hood

Caryl Lee Hill character Cocktail Waitress

Mickey Finn character Bartender

Dick Simmons character Prosecutor (as Richard Simmons)

Toni Basil character Flapper (uncredited)

Hans Conried character Mr. Ricks (uncredited)

Tony Randall character Hood (uncredited)

Edward G. Robinson character Big Jim Stevens (uncredited)

Sig Ruman character Hammacher (uncredited)