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The Tobacconist

The Tobacconist (2024)
The Tobacconist
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109 minutes
Vienna, 1937, on the eve of the annexation of Austria into Nazi Germany. The young and inexperienced Franz Huchel begins to learn about both the joys and hardships of life by working as an apprentice to the mutilated war veteran Otto Trsnjek in a small tobacco shop, where he meets the famous psychiatrist Sigmund Freud, a regular customer, who will become a valuable friend in times of chaos and uncertainty.

Simon Morzé character Franz Huchel

Bruno Ganz character Sigmund Freud

Johannes Krisch character Otto Trsnjek

Emma Drogunova character Anezka

Karoline Eichhorn character Anna Freud

Regina Fritsch character Margarete Huchel

Elfriede Irrall character Martha Freud

Michael Fitz character 'Red Egon'

Rainer Wöss character Mr. Rosshuber

Sabine Herget character Mrs. Rosshuber

Gerti Drassl character Doctor's Wife

Gerhard Liebmann character Heinzi

Hermann Scheidleder character Fat Man

Robert Seethaler character Thin Man

Alexander E. Fennon character Gestapo Receptionist

Jasmin Barbara Mairhofer character Cabaret Waitress

Erni Mangold character Lady with Fur Hat

Carl Achleitner character Priest

Fritz Egger character Preininger

Gottfried Breitfuß character Engineer

Angelika Strahser character Mrs. Veithammer

Martin Thaler character Unpleasant Man

Rainer Doppler character Wilder Mann Host

Barbara Spitz character Mrs. Buccleton

Haymon Maria Buttinger character 'Lizard'

Thomas Mraz character Master of Ceremonies

Anton Algrang character Cafe Waiter

Victoria Nikolaevskaja character Young Czech Woman

Martin Oberhauser character Cafe Waiter

Lukas Lobis character Zum Goldenen Leopold Host

Erol Nowak character Gestapo Agent

Tobias Ofenbauer character Ferry Captain

Bruno Thost character Lawyer Kollerer

Roland Kuste character Policeman

Manuel Celeda character Postman

Klaus Haberl character Schaffner

Tom Hanslmaier character SS Officer