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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2022)
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
6.6 from 10 with total 8729 votes
129 minutes
Thrust into an all-new adventure, a down-on-his-luck Capt. Jack Sparrow feels the winds of ill-fortune blowing even more strongly when deadly ghost sailors led by his old nemesis, the evil Capt. Salazar, escape from the Devil\'s Triangle. Jack\'s only hope of survival lies in seeking out the legendary Trident of Poseidon, but to find it, he must forge an uneasy alliance with a brilliant and beautiful astronomer and a headstrong young man in the British navy.

Johnny Depp character Captain Jack Sparrow

Brenton Thwaites character Henry Turner

Kaya Scodelario character Carina Smyth

Javier Bardem character Captain Armando Salazar

Geoffrey Rush character Captain Hector Barbossa

Kevin McNally character Joshamee Gibbs

Stephen Graham character Scrum

David Wenham character Scarfield

Golshifteh Farahani character Shansa

Orlando Bloom character Will Turner

Martin Klebba character Marty

Angus Barnett character Mullroy

Adam Brown character Cremble

Danny Kirrane character Bollard

Giles New character Murtogg

Delroy Atkinson character Pike

Paul McCartney character Uncle Jack

Keira Knightley character Elizabeth Swann

Anthony De La Torre character Young Jack Sparrow

Lewis McGowan character Young Henry Turner

Juan Carlos Vellido character Lieutenant Lesaro

Rodney Afif character Officer Madga

Bruce Spence character Mayor Dix

Zoe Ventoura character Mayor's Wife

James Mackay character Maddox

Brooke Chamberlain character Upper Class Lady

Alexander Scheer character Young Captain Teague

Wassim Hawat character Pirate

Finn Ireland character Young Pirate Jeff

Nico Cortez character Spanish Officer

James Fraser character Young Greenhorn

Derani Scarr character Woman

Robert Morgan character Grimes

Goran D. Kleut character Pirate with Broom

Mahesh Jadu character Spanish Soldier

Travis Jeffery character British Soldier

Akos Armont character British Soldier

Sean Lynch character British Soldier

Ben O'Toole character British Soldier

Akshay Caplash character CG Ghost Soldier

Rafael Torrijos character CG Ghost Soldier

Mivon Prince-Leyva character CG Ghost Soldier

Michael Dorman character First Officer Wade

Rohan Nichol character Officer Cole

Rupert Raineri character Officer Santos

Stephen Lopez character Officer Moss

Richard Piper character Captain Toms

Justin Smith character Mr. Krill

John Leary character Mr. Swift

Bryan Probets character Bowen

Ken Radley character Pig Kelly

Hannah Walters character Beatrice

Jonathan Elsom character Priest

K. Todd Freeman character Captain Morgan

James Lawson character Jail Guard

Darcy Laurie character Uncle Jack's Cellmate

Jessica Green character Townswoman (uncredited)

Haley Madison character Townswoman (uncredited)

Kiara Freeman character Townschild (uncredited)

Piper Nairn character Townschild (uncredited)

Suzanne Dervish-Ali character Townsperson (uncredited)

Donnie Baxter character Townsperson (uncredited)

Winnie Mzembe character Maid (uncredited)

Christie-Lee Britten character Greenwich Village Upper Class Lady (uncredited)

Mollie McGregor character Twin Middle Class Lady (uncredited)

Sophia McGregor character Twin Middle Class Lady (uncredited)

Jacob Elordi character St. Martins Marine (uncredited)

Paul Armstrong character Old Pirate