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Operation Crossbow

Operation Crossbow (2024)
Operation Crossbow
6.7 from 10 with total 61 votes
115 minutes
Allied agents infiltrate the Nazi rocket complex at Peenemunde in order to obtain their secrets and sabotage the plant.The film alternates between German developments of the V-1 missile and V-2 rocket (with a German cast speaking their own language) and discovery by British Intelligence of the weapon.

Sophia Loren character Nora

George Peppard character Lt. John Curtis

Trevor Howard character Professor Lindemann

John Mills character General Boyd

Richard Johnson character Duncan Sandys

Tom Courtenay character Robert Henshaw

Jeremy Kemp character Phil Bradley

Anthony Quayle character Bamford

Lilli Palmer character Frieda

Paul Henreid character General Ziemann

Helmut Dantine character General Linz

Barbara Rütting character Hannah Reitsch

Richard Todd character Wing Cmdr. Kendall

Sylvia Syms character Constance Babington Smith

John Fraser character Flight Lt. Kenny

Maurice Denham character RAF Officer

Patrick Wymark character Prime Minister Winston Churchill

Wolf Frees character German Police Inspector

Moray Watson character Col. Kenneth Post

Richard Wattis character Sir Charles Sims

Allan Cuthbertson character German Technical Examiner

Karel Stepanek character Prof. Hoffer

Milo Sperber character German Hotel Porter

Robert Brown character Air Commodore

Ferdy Mayne character German Officer

George Mikell character German Officer

Anton Diffring character SS Sturmbannfuhrer

Philip Madoc character German Police Officer

John Abineri character German Policeman

Charles Lloyd Pack character Technical Examiner

William Mervyn character Dutch Technical Examiner

Gertan Klauber character Soldier at Rocket Plant

Jeremy Spenser character SS Officer at Rocket Plant

John Ronane character RAF Dakota Pilot