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Valley Girl

Valley Girl (2022)
Valley Girl
6.4 from 10 with total 24 votes
102 minutes
Set to a new wave \'80s soundtrack, a pair of young lovers from different backgrounds defy their parents and friends to stay together.

Jessica Rothe character Julie Richman

Jessie Ennis character Stacey

Ashleigh Murray character Loryn

Josh Whitehouse character Randy

Chloe Bennet character Karen

Logan Paul character Mickey

Alicia Silverstone character Older Julie

Mario Revolori character Sticky

Peyton List character Courtney

Camila Morrone character Ruby

Allyn Rachel character Raechel Donahue

Brittany Panzer character Pat Benetar Girl

Josh Fadem character Gary

Alex MacNicoll character Brad

Danny Ramirez character Chip

Sandra Rosko character Punk Rocker

Mary Neely character Felecia

Mark Casimir Dyniewicz character Weirdo

Heidi Holicker character Mrs. H

Fatimah Hassan character Beach Umbrella Girl #1

Tiffany Tynes character Pier Dancer

Mason Trueblood character Arcade Nerd

Tiffany Daniels character Dancer

Dan Thiel character Mickey's Dad

Nick Drago character Dancer

Cindera Che character Beach Tai-Chi People

Morgan Larson character Cheerleader

Andrew Kai character Rob

Jenny Babas character Jogger

Victoria Van Fleet character Dancer / High School Student

Chris Tavarez character Roger (aka Cute Prep)

Ryan Allen Carrillo character Roller Skater

Connor Williams character Toby

Christina Miller character Ms. Commuter

Yindra Zayas character Dancer

Nicholas Azarian character Nerdy Bruce Springstein

Kurt Koehler character Ruby's Dad

Alex Lewis character Casper

Emma Fassler character Drunk Princess Leia Girl

Ryan Novak character Dancer

Leo Lam character Prince

Shantiel Alexis Vazquez character Mall Goer / Escalator Dancer

Lauren See character Cashier and Student

Chris Moss character Dancer

Kc Monnie character Richard Simmons

Kelli Erdmann character Freshman Tag Along

Trevor Brunsink character Guy at Door

Kelsey Kummerl character Student

Minn Vo character Skateboarder

Erica Hau character Prom Classmate

Seth Zielicke character Waiter

Chris Nuñez character Punk

Brandon Mitchell character Skater

Antwon Keith Collier character Pier Hot Guy

Elena Heuzé character Skateboarder

Pedro Lozano character Punk in Bar

Paula Beck Williams character Soda Shop Patron / Escalator Dancer

Valeriya Kovaleva character Prom Classmate

Deborah Foreman character Shopgirl