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Love Sarah

Love Sarah (2024)
Love Sarah
7.1 from 10 with total 9 votes
97 minutes
A young woman wishes to fulfill her mother\'s dream of opening her own bakery in Notting Hill, London. To do this, she enlists the help of an old friend and her grandma.

Bill Paterson character Felix

Celia Imrie character Mimi

Rupert Penry-Jones character Matthew

Grace Calder character Juliet

Shelley Conn character Isabella

Shannon Tarbet character Clarissa

Denise Welch character Elizabeth

Lucy Fleming character Olga

Candice Brown character Sarah

Max Parker character Alex

Kamontip Krissy Ashton character Bakery Customer / Journalist

Phelim Kelly character Lighting Assistant

Pano Masti character Pedro

Angela Peters character Sarah's friend (voice)

Lati Gbaja character Cafe Passerby

Isabel de Andreis character Hasidic Jewish Woman

Yûho Yamashita character Yuuna Tanaka

David Guinan-Browne character Latvian Courier

Maria Alexandrova character Bakery Customer / Restaurant Customer

David Bertrand character Pascal

Cynthia Garbutt character Louisa

Stephen Winfield character Man 1

Christian Di Sciullo character Condolence Officer

Jason Yip character Businessman in a meeting

Ross K. Foad character Bakery Customer

Annie Lees-Jones character Sadie

Flavia Fazenda character Young Mother

Tom Wylde character Frank

Sean Berry character Flower Delivery Man

Andrew David character Clive

Joe McNally character Doctor

Neil Patterson character Winston

Ottilie Obert de Thieusies character Young Clarissa

Eduard De Berner character Bakery Customer / Delivery Man / Builder

Rikké Haughem character Scandinavian Woman

Ken Allen character Cab Driver

Zac Rashid character Bakery Police Officer

Prem Chandar character Indian Woman

Indra Kaur character Businesswoman

Corall Friedman character Barmaid

Helena Hohl character Bakery Customer / Office worker

Louise Swayne character Police Officer 2