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The Emperor of Paris

The Emperor of Paris (2021)
The Emperor of Paris
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Paris, France, early 19th century. The legendary convict François Vidocq lives in disguise trying to escape from a tragic past that torments him. When, after an unfortunate event, he crosses paths with the police chief, he makes a bold decision that will turn the ruthless mastermind of the Parisian underworld against him.

Vincent Cassel character Vidocq

Patrick Chesnais character Henry

August Diehl character Nathanaël

Olga Kurylenko character The Baroness

Denis Lavant character Maillard

Freya Mavor character Annette

Denis Ménochet character Dubillard

Jérôme Pouly character Courtaud

James Thiérrée character The Duke

Fabrice Luchini character Fouché

Fayçal Safi character Mehmet

Antoine Lelandais character 'Fleur d'Épine'

Frédéric Fix character Pelissier

Nemo Schiffman character Charles

Lucien Belvès character Poitou

Maxime Lefrancois character Farge

Antoine Basler character Perrin

Fabien Orcier character Veteran

Jérôme Cachon character Gendarme at Bicêtre

Régis Maynard character Letallec

Anne Seiller character Maid

Hervé Masquelier character Bourgeois

Philippe Mamolo character Henchman

Michael Perez character Thief

Solène Delannoy character Prostitute

Thierry Nenez character Old Landlord

Rémy Giordano character Henry's Servant

Franck Mercadal character Usher at Fouché's Office

Vincent Haquin character Convict at Bicêtre

Patrick Médioni character Prisoner at Bicêtre #1

Nicolas de Lavergne character Prisoner at Bicêtre #2

Emmanuel Brochet character Prisoner at Bicêtre #3

Hervé Falloux character Solicitant Marquis

Pascal Loison character Martial

Maxime Motte character Redhead

Philippe Beautier character Camelot

Manuel Guillot character Orchardman

Richard Sammut character Man at Chez L'Ami Guillotin

Jean-Michel Vovk character Guard at Bagne of Toulon

Xavier Pottier character Butcher

Olivier Peynot character Soldier

Marie Utreh character Merchant's Customer

Mark Schneider character Napoleon Bonaparte

Jean-François Richet character Marshal of the Empire Michel Ney