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The City of Lost Children

The City of Lost Children (2022)
The City of Lost Children
7.5 from 10 with total 639 votes
108 minutes
A scientist in a surrealist society kidnaps children to steal their dreams, hoping that they slow his aging process.

Ron Perlman character One

Dominique Pinon character Le Scaphandrier / Les Clones

Judith Vittet character Miette

Daniel Emilfork character Krank

Jean-Claude Dreyfus character Marcello

Geneviève Brunet character La Pieuvre

Odile Mallet character La Pieuvre

Mireille Mossé character Mademoiselle Bismuth

Serge Merlin character Gabriel Marie (Cyclops Leader)

Rufus character Peeler

Ticky Holgado character Ex-Acrobat

Cris Huerta character Father

Jean-Louis Trintignant character L'oncle Irvin (voice)

Joseph Lucien character Denree

Mapi Galán character Lune

Briac Barthélémy character Bottle

Pierre-Quentin Faesch character Pipo

Alexis Pivot character Tadpole

François Hadji-Lazaro character Killer

Dominique Bettenfeld character Bogdan

Lotfi Yahya Jedidi character Melchior

Thierry Gibault character Brutus

Marc Caro character Brother Ange-Joseph

Ham-Chau Luong character Tattoo Artist

Frankie Pain character Barmaid

Enrique Villanueva character Spainard

Dominique Chevalier character Tied-up Guard

Lorella Cravotta character Woman at Her Window

Éric Houzelot character Soldier

Philippe Beautier character Double Clones

Marc Amyot character Double Clones #2

Jean-Philippe Labadie character Double Clones

Raphaèle Bouchard character Miette, Age

Elisabeth Etienne character Miette, Age 37

Rachel Boulenger character Miette, Age 43

Michel Motu character Krank, Age 45

Nane Germon character Miette, Age 82

Léo Rubion character Jeannot

Guillaume Billod-Morel character Child

Bezak character Helmsman

Hong Mai Thomas character Tattoo Artist's Wife

René Pivot character Glazier

Daniel Adric character Cyclops

Christophe Salengro character Soldier

René Marquant character Captain

Michel Smolianoff character Awake Tramp

Lili Cognard character Winner

Angélique Philibert character Stripper

Marie Piémontèse character Stripper

Antoinette Dias character Stripper

Zak Russomanno character Stripper

Djamila Bouda character Stripper

Lauren Geoffroy character Stripper

Cyril Aubin character Double Clones #4

Bruno Journée character Double Clones #5

Jérémie Freund character Krank, Age 12

Joris Geneste character Krank, Age 36

Julie Bernard character Child

Valentin Simonet character Child

Eglantine Blanckaert character Schoolchild

Gaëtan Bouyala character Schoolchild

Mickael Bussinger character Schoolchild

Jonathan Gatinois character Schoolchild

Joshka Kaufmann character Schoolchild

Morgan Mariac character Schoolchild

Caroline Marsily character Schoolchild

Geoffroy Morange character Schoolchild

Sébastien Thaissart character Schoolchild

Charlotte Bienfait character Baby

Camille Dufeu character Baby

Robinson Fouille character Baby

Alysia Hoffeurt character Baby

Sandy Kontargyris character Baby

Andrew Laupen character Baby

Théo Madueno character Baby

Arthur Mazet character Baby

Fackry M'Saidie character Baby

Gabriel Pierre character Baby

Bérangère Pivot character Baby

Charlotte Ribaud-Chevrey character Baby

Laura Robert character Baby

Caroline Rochand character Baby

Carolane Yvan character Baby

Margot Tostivint character Baby

Buster Verbraeken character Krank, Age 4

Mathieu Kassovitz character Man on the Street (uncredited)