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Wild Rovers

Wild Rovers (2024)
Wild Rovers
6.4 from 10 with total 20 votes
136 minutes
Ross Bodine and Frank Post are cowhands on Walt Buckman\'s R-Bar-R ranch. Bodine is older and broods a bit about how he will get along when he\'s too old to cowboy. Post is young and rambunctious and ambitious for a better life than wrangling cows. When one of their fellow cowboys is killed in a corral accident, Post suggests a way into a better life for himself and his friend: robbing a bank. Bodine reluctantly joins in the plan and the two contrive to rob the local bank. They make good their escape initially, but Walt Buckman and his two sons, John and Paul, are incensed at this betrayal by their own trusted employees. John and Paul set out to bring Bodine and Post to justice.

William Holden character Ross Bodine

Ryan O'Neal character Frank Post

Karl Malden character Walter Buckman

Lynn Carlin character Sada Billings

Tom Skerritt character John Buckman

Joe Don Baker character Paul Buckman

Geoffrey Edwards character Attendant's Son

James Olson character Joe Billings

Leora Dana character Nell Buckman

Moses Gunn character Ben

Victor French character Sheriff

Rachel Roberts character Maybell

Sam Gilman character Hansen

Charles H. Gray character Savage

William Bryant character Hereford

Jack Garner character Cap Swilling

Caitlin Wyles character Bodine's Girl

Mary Jackson character Sada's Mother

William Lucking character Ruff

Ed Bakey character Gambler

Ted Gehring character Tucson Sheriff

Alan Carney character Palace Bartender

Ed Long character Cassidy

Patrick Sullivan Burke character Palace Tenor

Lee de Broux character Leaky

Hal Lynch character Mack

Boyd 'Red' Morgan character Sheepman

Bennie E. Dobbins character Sheepman

Bob Beck character Bathhouse Attendant

Herb Tanney character Piano Player

Bruno VeSota character Cantina Bartender

Dick Crockett character Sheriff's Deputy