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The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments (2022)
The Ten Commandments
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220 minutes
Escaping death, a Hebrew infant is raised in a royal household to become a prince. Upon discovery of his true heritage, Moses embarks on a personal quest to reclaim his destiny as the leader and liberator of the Hebrew people.

Charlton Heston character Moses

Yul Brynner character Rameses

Anne Baxter character Nefretiri

Edward G. Robinson character Dathan

Yvonne De Carlo character Sephora

Debra Paget character Lilia

John Derek character Joshua

Cedric Hardwicke character Sethi

Nina Foch character Bithiah

Martha Scott character Yochabel

Judith Anderson character Memnet

Vincent Price character Baka

John Carradine character Aaron

Olive Deering character Miriam

Douglass Dumbrille character Jannes

Frank De Kova character Abiram

Henry Wilcoxon character Pentaur

Eduard Franz character Jethro

Donald Curtis character Mered

Lawrence Dobkin character Hur Ben Caleb

H.B. Warner character Amminadab

Julia Faye character Elisheba

Lisa Mitchell character Jethro's Daughter

Noelle Williams character Jethro's Daughter

Joanna Merlin character Jethro's Daughter

Pat Richard character Jethro's Daughter

Joyce van der Veen character Jethro's Daughter

Diane Hall character Jethro's Daughter

Abbas El Boughdadly character Rameses' Charioteer

Fraser Clarke Heston character The Infant Moses

John Miljan character The Blind One

Francis McDonald character Simon

Ian Keith character Rameses I

Paul De Rolf character Eleazar

Woody Strode character King of Ethiopia

Tommy Duran character Gershom

Eugene Mazzola character Rameses' Son

Ramsay Hill character Korah

Joan Woodbury character Korah's Wife

Esther Brown character Princess Tharbis

Rushdy Abaza character (as Rushti Abaza)

Dorothy Adams character Slave Woman / Hebrew at Golden Calf / Hebrew at Rameses' Gate

Eric Alden character High Ranking Officer / Taskmaster / Slave / Officer

E.J. André character Sheik of Hazerath

Babette Bain character Little Miriam

Baynes Barron character Taskmaster

Kay Bell character Taskmaster / Red-Bearded Slave

Mary Benoit character Guardian of the Prince / Court Woman / Hebrew at Dathan's Tent / Hebrew at Crag and Corridor / Mother

Henry Brandon character Commander of the Hosts

Robert Carson character Eleazar as an Adult

Bobby Clark character Little Boy in Exodus (as Robert Clark)

Rus Conklin character Whip-Scarred Brick-Carrier / Hebrew at Dathan's Tent

Mike Connors character Amalekite Herder (as Touch Connors)

Henry Corden character Sheik of Sinai

Edna Mae Cooper character Woman of the Court

Kem Dibbs character Corporal

Maude Fealy character Slave Woman / Hebrew at Crag and Corridor

Mimi Gibson character The Blind One's Granddaughter

Gavin Gordon character Trojan Ambassador (uncredited)

Diane Gump character Slave

Nancy Hale character Court Lady in Pool

June Jocelyn character Court Lady / Hebrew at Crag and Corridor / Hebrew at Dathan's Tent / Wife of Overseer

Richard Kean character Old Hebrew at Moses' House / Hebrew Toward Corridor

Gail Kobe character Pretty Slave Girl

Fred Kohler Jr. character Foreman

Kenneth MacDonald character Hebrew at Crag and Corridor / Slave

Peter Mamakos character Chief Driver

Irene Martin character Tuya

George Melford character Hebrew at Golden Calf / Nobleman

John Merton character Architect's Assistant

Amena Mohamed character Architect's Assistant

Paula Morgan character Hebrew Woman / Slave Woman

Dorothy Neumann character Hebrew at Crag and Corridor / Slave / Hebrew at Dathan's Tent

John Parrish character Sheik of Rephidim

Rodd Redwing character Taskmaster / Hebrew at Golden Calf

Addison Richards character Fan Bearer

Keith Richards character Hebrew at Golden Calf / Courtier / Slave / Hebrew at Dathan's Tent / Hebrew at Crag and Corridor / Overseer

Hal Sherman character Slave (uncredited)

Marcoreta Starr character Slave / Hebrew at Golden Calf

Onslow Stevens character Lugal

Clint Walker character Sardinian Captain

Amanda Webb character Hebrew at Golden Calf / Young Woman / Hebrew in Exodus

Frank Wilcox character Wazir

Jeane Wood character Slave / Hebrew at Crag and Corridor / Hebrew at Golden Calf

Luis Alberni character Old Hebrew at Moses' House

Lillian Albertson character Slave

Barbara Aler character Lady from Edon / Priestess / Hebrew at Golden Calf

Michael Ansara character Taskmaster

William Bagdad character Slave

Lesley-Marie Colburn character Slave Child

Fairy Cunningham character Court Lady / Slave

Kay Hammond character Grease Woman

Mary Ellen Kay character Court Lady in Pool

Robert Vaughn character Spearman / Hebrew at Golden Calf

Alan Wells character Hebrew at Crag and Corridor (uncredited)