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Red Beard

Red Beard (2023)
Red Beard
8.1 from 10 with total 166 votes
185 minutes
Aspiring to an easy job as personal physician to a wealthy family, Noboru Yasumoto is disappointed when his first post after medical school takes him to a small country clinic under the gruff doctor Red Beard. Yasumoto rebels in numerous ways, but Red Beard proves a wise and patient teacher. He gradually introduces his student to the unglamorous side of the profession, ultimately assigning him to care for a prostitute rescued from a local brothel.

Toshirō Mifune character Dr. Kyojio Niide ("Red Beard")

Yûzô Kayama character Dr. Noboru Yasumoto

Tsutomu Yamazaki character Sahachi

Reiko Dan character Osugi

Miyuki Kuwano character Onaka

Kyōko Kagawa character Madwoman ("The Mantis")

Tatsuyoshi Ehara character Genzô Tsugawa

Terumi Niki character Otoyo

Akemi Negishi character Okuni

Yoshitaka Zushi character Chobo

Yoshio Tsuchiya character Dr. Handayû Mori

Eijirō Tōno character Goheiji

Takashi Shimura character Tokubei Izumiya

Chishū Ryū character Mr. Yasumoto

Haruko Sugimura character Kin, the madam

Kinuyo Tanaka character Madame Yasumoto

Eijirō Yanagi character Madwoman's father

Kōji Mitsui character Heikichi

Kō Nishimura character Chief retainer

Nobuo Chiba character Matsudaira

Kamatari Fujiwara character Rokusuke

Ken Mitsuda character Genpaku Amano

Yôko Fujiyama character Chigusa, Masae's sister

Yôko Naitô character Masae

Reiko Nanao character Otoku

Imari Tsuji character Okatsu

Akiko Nomura character Ofuku

Sue Mitobe character Otake

Kin Sugai character Choji's Mother

Michiko Araki character Brothel owner

Bokuzen Hidari character Patient A

Atsushi Watanabe character Patient B

Yasuzô Ogawa character Businessman

Yutaka Sada character Resident

Ikio Sawamura character Resident

Noriko Honma character Resident

Miyoko Nakamura character Okoto

Akiko Kazami character Masae's mother

Chisato Aoki character Prostitute

Kyoko Kurisu character Prostitute

Yukiko Yanagishita character Prostitute

Toshiko Fukai character Prostitute

Keiko Tomita character Girl on street

Shôji Ôki character Thug

Shôichi Hirose character Thug

Hiroyoshi Yamaguchi character Thug

Masanobu Ôkubo character Choji's Father

Fujio Tokita character Thug

Yasuo Araki character Thug

Hiroshi Tanaka character Thug

Shin Ibuki character Thug

Kanzô Uni character Thug

Hiroto Kimura character Thug

Shu Komoro character Thug

Ryû Kuze character Thug

Susumu Ishikawa character (uncredited)