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Bread, Love and Dreams

Bread, Love and Dreams (2022)
Bread, Love and Dreams
7.2 from 10 with total 80 votes
93 minutes
Marshal Antonio Carotenuto is sent to a remote Italian mountain village named Sagliena. He\'s anxious to marry, and selects young Gina Lollobrigida as his bride; but she is already in love with his shy subordinate Roberto Risso. Mistaking her headstrong behavior as promiscuity, Carotenuto makes advances towards her, but she spurns him. Forsaking the girl to the arms of Risso, the Marshal decides to settle for village midwife Marisa Merlini. Things become more complicated when Annarella, the midwife, starts demonstrating her love to Antonio. She is hiding a secret and the Marshal soon will be in a difficult situation.

Vittorio De Sica character Maresciallo Carotenuto

Gina Lollobrigida character La Bersagliera

Marisa Merlini character Annarella

Tina Pica character Caramella

Maria Pia Casilio character Paoletta

Memmo Carotenuto character Carabiniere Baiocchi

Roberto Risso character Carabiniere Stelluti

Virgilio Riento character Don Emidio

Vittoria Crispo character Madre della Bersagliera

Guglielmo Barnabò character Il sindaco

Gigi Reder character Ricuccio

Mario Meniconi character Matteo

Nino Vingelli character Venditore ambulante

Checco Rissone character Barbiere

Attilio Torelli character Rumbumbù

Alfredo Rizzo character Brigadiere Squinzi

Violetta Gragnani character Moglie di Squinzi

Fausto Guerzoni character Uomo col cannocchiale

Giulio Battiferri character Vice Brigadiere Bolognini

Ada Colangeli character Una comare intrigante

Marcella Melnati character La nonna di Ricuccio

Adriana Parrella character Anna Mirziato (voice)

Amalia Pellegrini character La nonna di Matteo

Nietta Zocchi character Una comare intrigante