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Bye Bye Morons

Bye Bye Morons (2022)
Bye Bye Morons
7.4 from 10 with total 522 votes
87 minutes
When 43-year-old hairdresser Suze Trappet finds out that she\'s seriously ill, she decides to go looking for a child she was forced to abandon when she was only 15. On her madcap bureaucratic quest she crosses paths with JB, a 50-year-old man in the middle of a burnout, and Mr. Blin, a blind archivist prone to overenthusiasm. The unlikely trio set off on a hilarious and poignant helterskelter journey across the city in search of Suze\'s long-lost child.

Virginie Efira character Suze Trappet

Albert Dupontel character JB

Nicolas Marié character M. Blin

Jackie Berroyer character Dr Lint

Philippe Uchan character M. Kurtzmann

Bastien Ughetto character Adrien

Marilou Aussilloux character Clara

Michel Vuillermoz character Shrink

Laurent Stocker character M. Tuttle

Terry Gilliam character Hunter

Kyan Khojandi character Dr Lint's Doctor

Grégoire Ludig character Officer 1

David Marsais character Officer 2

Bouli Lanners character Suze Trappet's Doctor

Catherine Davenier character Mrs Lint

Johann Dionnet character M. Dupuis

Yves Pignot character Florist

Joséphine Hélin character Teenage Suze Trappet

Thierry Gary character Undercover Policeman 1

Vincent Haquin character Undercover Policeman 2

Saïd Benchnafa character Undercover Policeman 3

Tom Deflandre character Mistaken Son

Romain Limpens character Karim Bella

Jacques Mateu character Video Surveillance Technician

Mohamed Seddiki character Elevator Technician

Thomas Baillet character M. Kurtzmann's Assistant

François de Brauer character Surgeon

Adèle Galloy character Nurse

Geoffroy Boutan character Minister

Vincent Launay-Franceschini character Teenage Suze Trappet's Father

Sidonie Laurens character Teenage Suze Trappet's Mother

Guillaume Berroyer character Teenage Suze Trappet's Doctor