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Father of the Bride

Father of the Bride (2024)
Father of the Bride
7 from 10 with total 117 votes
92 minutes
Proud father Stanley Banks remembers the day his daughter, Kay, got married. Starting when she announces her engagement through to the wedding itself, we learn of all the surprises and disasters along the way.

Spencer Tracy character Stanley T. Banks

Joan Bennett character Ellie Banks

Elizabeth Taylor character Kathryn 'Kay' Banks

Don Taylor character Buckley Dunstan

Billie Burke character Doris Dunstan

Leo G. Carroll character Mr. Massoula

Moroni Olsen character Herbert Dunstan

Melville Cooper character Mr. Tringle

Taylor Holmes character Warner

Paul Harvey character Rev. A.I. Galsworthy

Frank Orth character Joe

Russ Tamblyn character Tommy Banks

Tom Irish character Ben Banks

Marietta Canty character Delilah

Richard Alexander character Moving Man with Screen (uncredited)

Don Anderson character Usher (uncredited)

William Bailey character Man in Dream Sequence (uncredited)

Fay Baker character Miss Bellamy (uncredited)

Lucile Barnes character Bridesmaid (uncredited)

Oliver Blake character Engagement Party Guest (uncredited)

Lillian Bronson character Schoolteacher (uncredited)

Joe Brown Jr. character Moving Man (uncredited)

Frank Cady character Timid Engagement Party Guest (uncredited)

Aileen Carlyle character Engagement Party Guest (uncredited)

Carleton Carpenter character Party Guest / Usher With Coke (uncredited)

Gene Coogan character Barman (uncredited)

Paul Cristo character Waiter (uncredited)

Oliver Cross character Wedding Guest (uncredited)

Lucille Curtis character Wedding Guest (uncredited)

Roy Damron character Reception Guest (uncredited)

Boyd Davis character Engagement Party Guest (uncredited)

Chris Drake character Usher (uncredited)

Jacqueline Duval character Peg (uncredited)

Ella Ethridge character Woman in Dream Sequence (uncredited)

Estelle Etterre character Wedding Guest (uncredited)

Betty Farrington character Wedding Guest (uncredited)

Janey Fay character Bridesmaid (uncredited)

Charles Ferguson character Wedding Guest (uncredited)

Bess Flowers character Wedding Reception Guest (uncredited)

Edward Gargan character Moving Man with Door (uncredited)

Mickey Golden character Barman (uncredited)

Herschel Graham character Wedding Guest (uncredited)

William E. Greene character Sad-Faced Engagement Party Guest (uncredited)

William Haade character Policeman (uncredited)

Sherry Hall character Engagement Party Guest (uncredited)

Bradford Hatton character Florist (uncredited)

Jim Hayward character Moving Man (uncredited)

Thomas Browne Henry character Stranger (uncredited)

Stuart Holmes character Wedding Guest in Dream Sequence (uncredited)

Art Howard character Wedding Guest (uncredited)

Frank Hyers character Duffy - Cameraman (uncredited)

Walter Kelley character Usher (uncredited)

Ann Kunde character Woman in Dream Sequence (uncredited)

Peggy Leon character Wedding Guest (uncredited)

Beverly Luff character Wedding Reception Guest (uncredited)

Billy Mahan character Usher (uncredited)

Thomas Martin character Waiter (uncredited)

Paul Maxey character Party Guest

Paul Maxey character Fat Man (uncredited)

Mickey McCardle character Engagement Party Guest (uncredited)

Philo McCullough character Wedding Guest (uncredited)

Russell Meeker character Reception Guest (uncredited)

Harold Miller character Wedding Guest (uncredited)

Patricia Miller character Wispy Girl (uncredited)

Roger Moore character Engagement Party Guest (uncredited)

Sol Murgi character Reception Guest (uncredited)

Forbes Murray character Wedding Guest (uncredited)

William H. O'Brien character Waiter (uncredited)

Gil Perkins character Moving Man (uncredited)

Ralph Peters character Moving Man with Marquee (uncredited)

Lee Phelps character Motorcycle Cop (uncredited)

Dorothy Phillips character Woman in Nightmare Sequence (uncredited)

William Phillips character Foreman of Moving Men (uncredited)

Frank Richards character Truck Driver (uncredited)

Dewey Robinson character Moving Man with Lamp (uncredited)

Fred Santley character Wedding Guest (uncredited)

Cosmo Sardo character Wedding Guest (uncredited)

Scott Seaton character Wedding Guest (uncredited)

Erin Selwyn character Bridesmaid (uncredited)

Charles Smith character Usher (uncredited)

Mary Jane Smith character Effie (uncredited)

Douglas Spencer character Fritz the Organist (uncredited)

Harry Stanton character Wedding Guest (uncredited)

Larry Steers character Wedding Guest (uncredited)

Brick Sullivan character Moving Man (uncredited)

Floyd Taylor character Usher (uncredited)

Peter M. Thompson character Usher (uncredited)

Nancy Valentine character Fliss (uncredited)

Wendy Waldron character Bridesmaid (uncredited)

Johnny Walsh character Western Union Boy (uncredited)

Willard Waterman character Vincent Dixon (uncredited)

Dick Wessel character Moving Man with Chandelier (uncredited)

Jeff York character Policeman (uncredited)