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Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit 451 (2024)
Fahrenheit 451
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113 minutes
In the future, the government maintains control of public opinion by outlawing literature and maintaining a group of enforcers, known as “firemen,” to perform the necessary book burnings. Fireman Montag begins to question the morality of his vocation…

Julie Christie character Clarisse / Linda Montag

Oskar Werner character Guy Montag

Cyril Cusack character Captain Beatty

Anton Diffring character Fabian / Headmistress

Jeremy Spenser character Man with the Apple

Bee Duffell character Book Woman

Alex Scott character Book Person: 'The Life of Henry Brulard'

Gillian Aldam character Judoka Woman (uncredited)

Michael Balfour character Book Person: Machiavelli's 'The Prince' (uncredited)

Ann Bell character Doris (uncredited)

Yvonne Blake character Book Person: 'The Jewish Question' (uncredited)

Arthur Cox character Male Nurse (uncredited)

Frank Cox character Book Person: 'Prejudice' (uncredited)

Fred Cox character Book Person: 'Pride' (uncredited)

Noel Davis character Cousin Midge - TV Personality (uncredited)

Judith Drinan character Book Person - Plato's 'Republic' (uncredited)

Kevin Eldon character Robert - First Schoolboy (uncredited)

Alan Ford character Fire Man (uncredited)

Joan Francis character Telephonist (uncredited)

Denis Gilmore character Book Person: 'The Martian Chronicles' (uncredited)

David Glover character Book Person: 'The Pickwick Papers' (uncredited)

Tina Hart character Wanted Woman (uncredited)

Arthur Haynes character Man on Commuter Train (uncredited)

Caroline Hunt character Helen (uncredited)

Edward Kaye character Judoka Man (uncredited)

Mark Lester character Second Schoolboy (uncredited)

Gillian Lewis character TV Announcer (uncredited)

Eric Mason character Male Nurse (uncredited)

Charlie McFadden character Nervous Man at Post Box (uncredited)

Roma Milne character Clarisse's Neighbor (uncredited)

Michael Mundell character Trainee Stoneman (uncredited)

Anna Palk character Jackie (uncredited)

Donald Pickering character TV Announcer (uncredited)

John Rae character Book Person: 'Weir of Hermiston' (uncredited)

Terry Sartain character Wanted Man (uncredited)

Arnold Schulkes character Wanted Man (uncredited)

Reg Thomason character Train Passenger (uncredited)

Tom Watson character Instructor Sergeant (uncredited)

Chris William character Trainee Black (uncredited)

Earl Younger character Book Person's Nephew: 'Weir of Hermiston' (uncredited)