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Dunkirk (2023)
7.5 from 10 with total 11991 votes
107 minutes
The story of the miraculous evacuation of Allied soldiers from Belgium, Britain, Canada and France, who were cut off and surrounded by the German army from the beaches and harbour of Dunkirk between May 26th and June 4th 1940 during World War II.

Fionn Whitehead character Tommy

Tom Glynn-Carney character Peter Dawson

Aneurin Barnard character Gibson

Jack Lowden character Collins

Harry Styles character Alex

James D'Arcy character Lieutenant-Colonel Winnant, BEF

Barry Keoghan character George Mills

Kenneth Branagh character Commander Bolton of the Royal Navy

Cillian Murphy character Shivering Soldier

Mark Rylance character Mr. Dawson

Tom Hardy character Farrier

Michael Caine character Radio Communication (voice) (uncredited)

Billy Howle character Petty Officer

Bobby Lockwood character Seaman on Hospital Ship

Miranda Nolan character Nurse on Destroyer

Kevin Guthrie character A&SH BEF soldier

Brian Vernel character A&SH BEF soldier

Elliott Tittensor character Highlander

Matthew Marsh character Rear-Admiral of the Royal Navy

Jochum ten Haaf character Dutch Trawler Man

Damien Bonnard character French Soldier

Adam Long character Second Lt. Jeffries

Michael Fox character Royal Engineer, BEF

Harry Richardson character Private

Will Attenborough character Lt. Howe of the Royal Navy

James Bloor character Oily Survivor

Paul Riley Fox character British Soldier

Richard Sanderson character Heinkel Spotter

Valiant Michael character Warrant Officer

Johnny Otto character Captain Marshall

Jan-Michael Rosner character British Soldier

Brandon Duracher character Soldier

Samgar Jacobs character Royal Navy

Robby Prinsen character Royal Navy Officer

Simon Ates character British Expeditionary Force Soldier

Caleb Bailey character Soldier

Thomas Millet character French Soldier

Constantin Balsan character French Soldier

Aldo Beqiri character French Soldier

Sander Huisman character British Expeditionary Force Soldier

Callum Blake character Private Davies

Luke Thompson character Warrant Officer

Crystal Pereyra character Nurse on Destroyer

Bram Vlot character Royal Navy Sailor

Calam Lynch character Sailor from Deal

Jack Riddiford character Private Edwards

Merlijn Willemsen character British Soldier on the Sittard

Michel Biel character French Soldier

Niels van 't Dek character Sailor on Destroyer

Nirman Wolf character Marine

Tom Gill character Furious Soldier

Nick Vorsselman character British Expeditionary Force Soldier

Jedediah Jenk character British Expeditionary Force Soldier

Christian Janner character British Soldier

Bradley Hall character Sailor on Destroyer

Jack Gover character British Soldier

Davey Jones character British Soldier / Station Officer

Charley Palmer Rothwell character Corporal

Kim Hartman character Stewardess

Bill Milner character Lone Private

Eric Richard character Man at Railway Window

Harry Collett character Boy

John Nolan character Old Man

Tom Nolan character Lieutenant