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Drums Along the Mohawk

Drums Along the Mohawk (2024)
Drums Along the Mohawk
6.5 from 10 with total 70 votes
100 minutes
Albany, New York, 1776. After marrying, Gil and Lana travel north to settle on a small farm in the Mohawk River Valley, but soon their growing prosperity and happiness are threatened by the sinister sound of drums that announce dark times of revolution and war.

Claudette Colbert character Lana (Magdelana)

Henry Fonda character Gilbert Martin

Edna May Oliver character Mrs. Mc Klennar

Eddie Collins character Christian Reall

John Carradine character Caldwell

Dorris Bowdon character Mary Reall

Jessie Ralph character Mrs. Weaver

Arthur Shields character Reverend Rosenkrantz

Robert Lowery character John Weaver

Roger Imhof character Gen. Nicholas Herkimer

Francis Ford character Joe Boleo

Ward Bond character Adam Hartman

Kay Linaker character Mrs. Demooth

Russell Simpson character Dr. Petry

Spencer Charters character Innkeeper

Si Jenks character Jacob Small

Jack Pennick character Amos Hartman

Arthur Aylesworth character George Weaver

Chief John Big Tree character Blue Back

Charles Tannen character Dr. Robert Johnson

Paul McVey character Capt. Mark Demooth

Tiny Jones character Mrs. Reall

Beulah Hall Jones character Daisy

Edwin Maxwell character Rev. Daniel Gros

Robert Greig character Mr. Borst

Clara Blandick character Mrs. Borst

Frank Baker character Commander of Colonial Troops (uncredited)

Ruth Clifford character Pioneer Woman (uncredited)

George Huggins character Pioneer Man (uncredited)

Noble Johnson character Native American (uncredited)

Payne B. Johnson character Boy in Wedding (uncredited)

Mae Marsh character Pioneer Woman (uncredited)

Lionel Pape character General (uncredited)

Tom Tyler character Capt. Morgan (uncredited)

Clarence Wilson character Paymaster (uncredited)