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Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands

Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands (2022)
Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands
6.4 from 10 with total 36 votes
110 minutes
In a small city of Brazil, Flor, a cooking teacher, marries Vadinho, a very handsome and erotic man. Once married she finds he is a good-for-nothing who takes all her money to gamble. After his death, Flor misses the goods of the marriage so she marries again with a very correct gentleman - the owner of a drugstore. Now she\'s very happy with her man, but misses the erotic moments with her previous husband. One day, Vadinho comes back as a ghost to quench her desires.

Sônia Braga character Dona Flor 'Florípides' Guimarães

José Wilker character Valdomiro 'Vadinho' Santos Guimarães

Mauro Mendonça character Dr. Teodoro Madureira

Nelson Xavier character Mirandão

Rui Rezende character Cazuza

Nelson Dantas character Clodoaldo

Mário Gusmão character Arigof

Wilson Mello character Vivaldo

Mara Rúbia character Claudete

Dinorah Brillanti character Rozilda

Nelson Xavier character Mirandão, Vadinho's Buddy

Arthur Costa Filho character Carlinhos the Guitarist

Haydil Linhares character Norminha, Flor's Friend

Nilda Spencer character Dinorah, Flor's Friend

Sílvia Cadaval character Jacy

Ivanilda Ribeiro character Sofia a Servant

Francisco Santos character Venâncio, the Priest

Francisco Dantas character Dr. Argemiro

João Gama character Moreira, Dona Norma's Husband

Alvaro Freire character Silvério

Hélio Ary character Venceslau Diniz

Lourdes Coimbra character Dionísia a Hooker

Miguelão character Paranaguá Ventura

Manfredo Colassanti character Pelanchi

Antonio Ganzarolli character Dedinho

Jurandyr Ferreira character Emílio Veiga

Lícia Magna character Filó

Antônio Victor character Antiógenes

Cláudio Mamberti character Man

Dita Corte Real character Inácia

Marta Anderson character Mirabel

Eliane Rogério character Tavinha

Betty Lago character Zizi

Marta Moyano character Amália

Betty Faria character Leniza Mayer the Famous Singer

Mercedes Ruehl character American girl in casino