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Dark Heart of the Forest

Dark Heart of the Forest (2024)
Dark Heart of the Forest
6 from 10 with total 2 votes
104 minutes
Nikolaï was abandoned at birth and has been in foster care ever since. Although a family would like to give the sixteen-year-old boy a home, he decides to make one himself. He meets Camille, an intriguing fifteen-year-old wiseacre, and tries to convince her to make a child together. Nikolaï is convinced that he can handle any problem and wants to avoid at all costs that an adult thwarts his plans. Camille and Nikolaï flee together from the home and isolate themselves in the woods. In the heart of this gloomy, mysterious forest, Nikolaï will have to face his first feelings and learn to become a man. Soon, he feels that there are many things he cannot control.

Elsa Houben character Camille

Quito Rayon Richter character Nikolaï

Aurélia Petit character Médecin

Olivier Massart character Mari de la médecin

François Prodhomme character Educateur

Leelou Laridan character Anaïs

Michele De Luca character Dealer de Camille

Brigitte Devillepoix character Directrice du foyer

Eloïse Genet character Educatrice

Louison Blivet character Zia

Eythan Solomon character Carl

Louis Desnot character Adam

Pascal Rouleaux character Gendarme foyer

Julie Becsei character Femme enceinte

Karim Chihab character Mari femme enceinte

Nelson Maerten character Enfant de la médecin (6 ans)

Julian Maerten character Enfant de la médecin (4 ans)

Rose Roland character Nourrisson

Geneviève Baerten character Infirmière Hôpital

Charles François character Médecin Hôpital

Christophe Leroy character Gendarme Hôpital