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Christmas Coupon

Christmas Coupon (2024)
Christmas Coupon
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92 minutes
Alison Grant begins teaching ice skating students on a friend\'s frozen pond after being fired from her rink job. On the first day of class her old high school sweetheart and now famous hockey player, Ivan Hall, unexpectedly shows up when he brings his niece for her skating lessons. While an initially cold reunion ensues, eventually Alison warms up to Ivan again.

Courtney Mathews character Alison Grant

Aaron Noble character Ivan Hall

Robert Laenen character Bobby Harrison

Sheena Monnin character Lauren Holmes

Daniel Knudsen character Chris McGill

Napoleon character Agent Kumar

Tim Kaiser character Nicholas Hodge

Drew Jacobs character Drew Williams

Tenley character Chloe Williams

Justin Mane character Thomas Holmes

Michelle Cohl character Victoria Williams

Bryer Popov character Nicky Williams

Jerry Narsh character David Holmes

Colleen Gentry character Moira Holmes

Tricia Harmon character Mrs. Nixon

Garrett Thierry character Ricky Limon

Ian Lang character Jack Marsh

Neal Mozen character Doctor

Lauren Kahrs character Nurse

Mckenzie Mathews character Faith Holmes

Maddie Mathews character Charity Holmes

Austin Mathews character Austin Holmes

Rachel Ritzler character Rachel Holmes

Dorothy Joan Reed character Judith Holmes

James Pilachowski character James Holmes

Keyna Reynolds character Jennifer

Salina Gusmano character Ashley

Candace Joy character Candace

George Avgoustis character Ken

Tel Ganesan character Executive

Leslie Mechigian character Workout Instructor

Rose Anne Nepa character Mrs. Lowe

Caleb Silvers character Caleb Steele

Angela Wojtyniak character Mother

Brooklyn Wojtyniak character Jennifer

Holly Dacke character Gate Agent

Paige Donnelly character Parade Security Guard

Brian Kirk character Police Officer

Christopher Mulder character Police Officer

Brian Martinez character Police Officer

Chris Belisar character Stilt Walker

Tamika Willis character Church Lady

Hannah Winkler character Waitress

Madison Werner character Angel

Zachery Mudge character Hockey Player

Kerry Fager character Nashville Reporter

Swetha Ganesan character Wedding Server

Ashley Kiraly character Face Painter

Bethany Hazelitt character Barista

Emily Buckner character Extra

Jim Kirsch character Church Attendee

Eric Guenter Weber character Church Attendee