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Casque d'Or

Casque d'Or (2024)
Casque d'Or
7.3 from 10 with total 86 votes
96 minutes
Ex-convict Georges Manda returns to the free world determined to go straight and takes a steady job as a carpenter. Unable to completely shake his connections with the underground, he meets with a former prison mate, older gangster Félix Leca, who introduces him to his mistress, the sweet but guarded Marie \"Casque d\'Or\". Marie and Georges fall into a passionate relationship, driving Félix to do everything in his power to ruin the couple.

Simone Signoret character Marie

Serge Reggiani character Manda

Claude Dauphin character Felix Leca

Raymond Bussières character Raymond

Odette Barencey character La mère d'Eugène

Loleh Bellon character Léonie Danard

Émile Genevois character Billy

Paul Azaïs character Ponsard

Jean Clarieux character Paul

Marc Goutas character Guillaume

William Sabatier character Roland Dupuis

Paul Barge character L'inspecteur Juliani

Dominique Davray character Julie

Gaston Modot character Danard

Daniel Mendaille character Le patron de la guinguette

Tony Corteggiani character Le commissaire / Superintendent

Suzanne Grey character Une fille à la guinguette

Yette Lucas character Adèle

Madame Pâquerette character La grand-mère d'Anatole

Léon Bary character Un client chic de "L'ange Gabriel"

Yvonne Yma character La patronne de "L'ange gabriel"

Jean Degrave character Un client chic de "L'ange Gabriel"

Raphaël Patorni character Un client chic de "L'ange Gabriel"

Pierre Leproux character Le gendarme du fourgon

Roland Lesaffre character Anatole

Julien Maffre character Jacquet

Marcel Melrac character Un cocher

André Méliès character Un bourgeois à la guinguette

Léon Pauléon character Un cocher

Marcel Rouzé character Un gendarme

Roger Vincent character Le médecin / The doctor

Joëlle Bernard character Une fille à la guinguette (uncredited)

Jacqueline Danno character Bit part (uncredited)

Jacques Duby character Friend in the group (uncredited)

Maurice Marceau character Un client à "L'ange gardien" (uncredited)

Christiane Minazzoli character Madeleine (uncredited)

Jacqueline Marbaux character (uncredited)

René Pascal character (uncredited)

Yvonne Legeay character (uncredited)

Claude Castaing character Fredo