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Beau Is Afraid

Beau Is Afraid (2024)
Beau Is Afraid
7.112 from 10 with total 313 votes
179 minutes
A paranoid man embarks on an epic odyssey to get home to his mother.

Joaquin Phoenix character Beau Wassermann

Patti LuPone character Mona Wassermann

Amy Ryan character Grace

Parker Posey character Elaine Bray

Nathan Lane character Roger

Armen Nahapetian character Teen Beau

Stephen McKinley Henderson character Beau's Therapist

Richard Kind character Dr. Cohen

Kylie Rogers character Toni

Denis Ménochet character Jeeves

Zoe Lister-Jones character Young Mona

Julia Antonelli character Teen Elaine

Hayley Squires character Penelope

Julian Richings character Strange Man

Bill Hader character UPS Guy

Alicia Rosario character Liz

James Cvetkovski character Boy Beau

Catherine Bérubé character Hero Beau's Wife

Stephanie Herrera character Martha

Bradley Fisher character Birthday Boy Stab Man

Peter Seaborne character Ceiling Man

Michael Esper character Officer Johnson

Manuel Tadros character Cheapo Depot Cashier

Karl Roy character Man With Face Tattoos

Cat Lemieux character Orphan Chorus Member #2

Tristan D. Lalla character Costume Designer Orphan

Marc-André Brisebois character Comatose Junkie

Tyrone Benskin character Rattled Businessman

Ernest-James Chuipka character Crazy Man

Archie Madekwe character Laughing Man

Greg Halpin character Crust Punk (Eye Gouger)

Luis Oliva character Crust Punk (Eyes Gouged)

Charles Hardy character Boat Boy

Marie-Michelle Garon character Fraught Mother Looking for Boat Boy

Maev Beaty character Angel / Narrator

Patrick Kwok-Choon character Orphan Hero

Michael Gandolfini character Beau’s Son

Théodore Pellerin character Beau’s Son

Mike Taylor character Beau’s Son

Luke Alexander James McPhail character Hero Beau's Young Son

Ryan S. Hill character Hero Beau's Young Son

Bentley Hughes character Hero Beau's Young Son

Kwasi Songui character Orphan Ladybug Man

Sylvain Landry character Orphan Man w/Mandolin

Emmanuel Schwartz character Orphan Chorus Member

Cat Lemieux character Orphan Chorus Member

Lily Bird character Samanda

Arthur Holden character Duncan / God on Cloud / Hero Beau’s Wife

François Paquette character Yesekov's Body

Alex Bisping character Orphan Production Designer

Lucas Gosselin character Orphan Papa Boy

Joe Cobden character News Correspondent (Brian Galloway)

Harry Standjofski character Superintendent / Catering Manager

Anana Rydvald character Teen Elaine's Mother

Isabelle Brabant character Nurse

Tarah Schwartz character News Anchor (BB Stab Man)

Barry Morgan character News Anchor (MW Obit)

David Mamet character Rabbi

John Walsh character Hearse Driver

Karim Bourara character Caterer

Lee Villeneuve character Mona Henchman Who Throws Lawyer

Geneviève Marin character Elaine Body Double

Julien Fortin character Beau's Twin in Attic

Luz Tercero character Mourning Woman

Marc-André Casavant character Dancer (uncredited)