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Autumn Marathon

Autumn Marathon (2024)
Autumn Marathon
7.4 from 10 with total 45 votes
89 minutes
Andrey Pavlovich Buzykin, who makes a living by teaching at an institute and translating English literature, is cheating on his wife. Buzykin\'s main problem is that he\'s a kind man with a weak character. The lies he is telling his wife all the time are inconvincing, but he never has the courage to tell her the truth. His lover, Alla, is aware of his family life, but gets offended when, for example, he cannot meet her so that he doesn\'t come home late, or when he doesn\'t want to go home in a new jacket she gives him to avoid having to explain to his wife. Alla and Nina, Andrei\'s wife, both leave him, forgive him, and return to him at the same time, and Andrei continues with this kind of life, full of suffering and deceit. Finally, both women are so fed up with his lies that they don\'t believe him even when he is telling the truth...

Oleg Basilashvili character Андрей Бузыкин

Natalya Gundareva character Нина Евлампиевна Бузыкина

Marina Neyolova character Алла

Galina Volchek character Варвара Никитична, «Дюймовочка», однокурсница Бузыкина

Evgeni Leonov character Василий Игнатьич Харитонов, сосед Бузыкина

Nikolay Kryuchkov character дядя Коля, сосед Аллы по коммунальной квартире

Vladimir Grammatikov character Пташук, друг Аллы

Boryslav Brondukov character защитник при ДТП

Nikita Podgornyj character Георгий Николаевич Веригин

Norbert Kuchinke character Билл Хансен, профессор из Дании

Olga Bogdanova character дочь Лена

Dmitri Matveyev character Виктор, зять Бузыкина

Vladimir Pozhidayev character водитель

Vladimir Firsov character Лифанов, студент Бузыкина

Vadim Medvedev character Шершавников

Georgiy Daneliya character офицер в кинофильме

Eduard Ablam character Коваленко