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Aphrodite, Goddess of Love

Aphrodite, Goddess of Love (2023)
Aphrodite, Goddess of Love
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91 minutes
The movie presents a moment in the ancient Rome history when Nero was the emperor and christians persecuted. Story revolves around Antigonus\'s plan, archon of Corinth, to build a magnificent temple dedicated to the goddess Aphrodite, for which the people are oppressed by new and very high taxes. The sculptor Demetrius, asked to make the face of the goddess Diana, falls in love with a slave, the Christian Lerna, and wants to marry her, but another jealous slave has other plans. In the meantime there are plots and intrigues for power and a plan to capture and execute all christians; but things turn out different than expected.

Isabelle Corey character Lerna

Anthony Steffen character Demetrios

Irène Tunc character Diala

Carlo Tamberlani character Mathieu

Clara Calamai character Stenele

John Kitzmiller character Tomore

Massimo Serato character Quinto Rufo

Ivo Garrani character Antigono

Giulio Donnini character Erasto

Gian Paolo Rosmino character Dineo

Andrea Aureli character Kibur

Matteo Spinola character Glauco

Adriano Micantoni character Ftire

Mino Doro character Crepilo

Germano Longo character Osco

Paul Müller character L'Asiatico

Livio Lorenzon character La Spia

Liliana Gerace character La Veggente

Edda Soligo character La Contadina

Nada Cortese character La Donna del popolo

Emma Baron character Onoria

Veriano Ginesi character Guard (uncredited)

Ettore Jannetti character (uncredited)

Renato Montalbano character Man (uncredited)

Nello Pazzafini character Soldier (uncredited)

Mimmo Poli character Un Commerciante (uncredited)

Diego Pozzetto character Frantic Old Man (uncredited)

Enzo Ricciardi character Man in Crowd (uncredited)

Amerigo Santarelli character Slave Guard (uncredited)

Gustavo Serena character (uncredited)

Amedeo Trilli character Angry Traveller (uncredited)