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80 for Brady

80 for Brady (2024)
80 for Brady
6.5 from 10 with total 75 votes
98 minutes
A quartet of elderly best friends decide to live life to the fullest by taking a wild trip to the Super Bowl LI to see their hero Tom Brady play.

Lily Tomlin character Lou

Jane Fonda character Trish

Rita Moreno character Maura

Sally Field character Betty

Tom Brady character Tom Brady

Billy Porter character Gugu

Harry Hamlin character Dan

Guy Fieri character Guy Fieri

Alex Moffat character Nat

Rob Corddry character Pat

Glynn Turman character Mickey

Ron Funches character Chip

Bob Balaban character Mark

Jimmy O. Yang character Tony

Matt Lauria character James

Sara Gilbert character Sara

Sally Kirkland character Ida

Andy Richter character Clark

Gus Kenworthy character Erik

Brian Jordan Alvarez character Derek

Suzie Riemer character Poker Dealer

Marshawn Lynch character Marshawn Lynch

Patton Oswalt character Brisket

Retta character Retta

Zina Wilde character Poker Player

Alex Bentley character Defensive Coach

Laith Wallschleger character Offensive Coach

Stevie Baggs Jr. character Other Offensive Coach

Bill Kalmenson character Other Defensive Coach

Bonnie Hellman character Donna

Ron G. character Falcons Fan

Amber Chardae Robinson character Hot Wings Woman

Vishal Patel character Hrishi

Charlie Morgan Patton character Sophie

Matt Cordova character QB Countdown Ref

Rebecca Field character Read Zone Bookseller

Lucius Baybak character Scalper

Nick Lane character Kyle

Daniella Covino character Tina the Ticket Taker

Julio Cesar Ruiz character VIP Guard

Angie Simms character New Mayflower Girl

Michael Matera character Mayflower Dealer

Danny Amendola character Danny Amendola

Julian Edelman character Julian Edelman

Rob Gronkowski character Rob Gronkowski

Jim Tavaré character Quartet Leader

Marc Rebillet character Marc Rebillet

Matt Porter character Dal

Michael Olvera Rodriguez character Bouncer

Beth Crosby character Wife

Dan Aho character Husband

Augustine Perez character Gugu's Dancer

Katherine Cheng character Gugu's Dancer

Derek Schiesel character Gugu's Dancer

Brooke Shepherd character Gugu's Dancer

Raymond Ejiofor character Gugu's Dancer

Ray Buffer character NFL Veteran Quarterback (uncredited)

Jordan Drake character Ex-NFL Player (uncredited)

Kirby Ellwood character Amazing Fan (uncredited)

John Gearries character Ex-NFL Player (uncredited)

Elizabeth Goodfellow character Musician (uncredited)

Fatimah Hassan character Vegan Pie Vendor (uncredited)

Mellanie Hubert character Extra (uncredited)

Darrell 'Silver' Hughes character Ex-NFL Player (uncredited)

Will Klem character Security Guard (uncredited)

Jamaal Lewis character Ex-NFL Player (uncredited)

Vincent Lionetti character Patriot Tailgating Fan (uncredited)

Stephanie Nash character Janette (uncredited)

Pason character Reporter (uncredited)

Roman Prophet character Ex-NFL Player (uncredited)

Evan Shafran character Patriot Fan (uncredited)

Noah Staggs character Extra (uncredited)

Samuel Taub character Bouncer (uncredited)

Amy Tolsky character Matilda (uncredited)

Karina Wolfe character Skybox Chef (uncredited)